Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Tuesday Morning Hot Links

The Astros scored a week's worth of runs last night, beating the A's 16-2. Houston had 11 runs before Oakland got on the board and everyone feels good again.

*The Astros scored 16 runs. They had scored 17 runs in their last six games. Houston was 7x17 w/RISP.

*Houston had eight extra-base hits in this game, setting a season-high, and the most since September 26, 2017, when the Astros had 8XBH against the Rangers. They had ten against the Blue Jays on August 4.

*George Springer had a six-hit game: double, home run, four singles. He's the first Houston Astro to ever record six hits in a nine-inning game. It took Joe Morgan 12 innings to get to six hits on July 8, 1965 and, like Springer, he did it from the leadoff spot. But the Astros lost that 1965 game to the Milwaukee Braves 9-8. Probably because of Ken Giles. Springer:
I don't even really know how to explain it. I'm happy to get six hits in a week, let alone six hits in a game. I'm pretty speechless to be honest with you.

*Bregman: two doubles. Stassi: two doubles. Marwin: 3x6, HR, 5RBI. He had 4RBI in his last nine games.

*Keuchel: 8IP, 5H/1ER, 4K:2BB. In his last two starts Keuchel has thrown 15IP, 11H/4ER, 9K:2BB.

*The offensive explosion allowed Dallas Keuchel to breathe:
That was great to let me relax and settle down. I haven't really had that chance the last handful of games, so that's always a bonus when you get to do that. I really established the zone. I had two walks, but overall I've been feeling really good.

*Prior to the game Eno Sarris looked at Dallas Keuchel to find out what was missing (hint: wade through the hard math to find that it's his command).

*Hinch, on Evan Gattis' struggles (who went 1x5 last night):
He's a little bit late on fastballs and early on secondary pitches. He has a unique style of hitting. I don't think his rhythm and timing have been great. (His) swing is fundamentally sound, but it hasn't resulted in better production.

*Hinch called New York looking for answers on the Pollock obstruction call.

*Tyler Stafford: Are the Astros being too patient?

*Games Played, AL West:
Astros: 37
Rangers: 37
A's: 35
Angels: 34
Mariners: 33

*USA Today's Bob Nightengale: Tyler Bauer simply made the Astros' rotation mad. McCullers:
You got some guy out there popping off, trying to [expletive] discredit people, of course it's going to make us angry. It gets guys frustrated. You know what it really does? It just makes us hungrier.

I don't know what expletive McCullers used, but I'm willing to bet it started with "H." Read the whole story for how Verlander has helped out Gerrit Cole.

*Tom Verducci: the Astros' bullpen is their fatal flaw.

*Between the number of lefty starters the Astros have faced, and pitchers generally being quicker to the plate, the Astros have the 2nd-fewest stolen bases in the AL.

*Here's a very bizarre story about Steve Sparks, a bullpen cart in Milwaukee, and a Harley-Davidson.

*Good news out of Chicago as Danny Farquhar was released from the hospital. He won't pitch again this season, but is expected to make a full recovery.

*Condolences to Stephen Piscotty and his family on the passing of his mother Gretchen.

*The Rangers and Mariners are interested in a trade for Matt Harvey.

*From Esquire: When Milky got his money.