Saturday, March 3, 2018

Saturday Morning Hot Links

*So some news: I wrote an article for The Athletic challenging the idea that there is such a thing as a World Series Hangover. It's behind a paywall. If you want to read it, you'll have to subscribe to The Athletic. You should subscribe to The Athletic.

Let's answer some questions (based on what I got in my mentions and DMs):

1. No, that one article is not the end of Astros County. Astros County will keep doing what it's doing.
2. It only means that if I have a HOTTAEK about the Astros, I'll pitch it to them first. If they like it, it'll run. If they don't like it, I'll post it here.
3. Yes, it apparently pays some money. After 9.5 years of doing Astros County for free, this is pretty cool.

*In McTaggart's notebook we find that:
-Anthony Gose will make his ST debut today
-Gerrit Cole threw 53 pitches in his second start of the Spring.
-Tony Sipp's strong outings so far have given him the edge in the race for the final bullpen spot.

*Justin Verlander is ramping up the conversation about the changes in the baseballs.

*Hunter Atkins has a real good piece on Anthony Gose. Atkins:
Goes talks about himself like Sidd Finch and sounds like Forrest Gump. It is difficult to tell if he is confident or comedic, curt or clever, factual or false. 

I love him.

*Kyle Tucker is good but, no, he will not make the club out of Spring Training. Hinch:
He's a good-looking young player who is doing a great job of making a great first impression. He's got some things to learn, he's got some things to work on...I think his contribution to the Major League level will come at some point if he continues to progress, but it's not going to come at the end of the month no matter what he does. We feel it's just not in the best interest for him.

*Mike Lupica writes that the Astros are the Warriors (the Golden State kind, I think) of MLB. Maybe they're the Rockets of MLB.

*Scott Miller writes in the Bleacher Report about how Yuli Gurriel is trying to repair his image.

*Tim Cowlishaw: The Rangers' rotation is "a clown-car of comeback stories."

*David Schoenfield has the real reason why the Pirates and Rays don't win.

*The Mets' Jerry Blevins is here to tell you that Field of Dreams is a terrible movie.