Thursday, January 11, 2018

Thursday Morning Hot Links

I have approximately 14 minutes before I have to go, so let's get to it.

*Check Jeff Blogwell on the Astros career of pitching legend Gerrit Cole.

*Yu Darvish has narrowed his preferred list of destinations to New York, Chicago, Arlington, Minnesota, and Houston, though the 2017 Silver Medalists seem to still be in the mix.

*Forrest Whitley hears his name in them trade rumors.

*Brady Rodgers, who had Tommy John surgery on May 2, feels that he can be ready for Opening Day.

*Jay Bruce signed with the Mets, which is interesting because the Astros apparently considered Bruce as a fall-back option had they traded Derek Fisher.

*First pitch on Opening Day (March 29) will be at 2:35pm.

*Yo here's a wild story about the head of CSE Talent's baseball division getting fired for allegedly filming his clients in the shower.