Thursday, January 11, 2018

Thursday Morning Hot Links

I have approximately 14 minutes before I have to go, so let's get to it.

*Check Jeff Blogwell on the Astros career of pitching legend Gerrit Cole.

*Yu Darvish has narrowed his preferred list of destinations to New York, Chicago, Arlington, Minnesota, and Houston, though the 2017 Silver Medalists seem to still be in the mix.

*Forrest Whitley hears his name in them trade rumors.

*Brady Rodgers, who had Tommy John surgery on May 2, feels that he can be ready for Opening Day.

*Jay Bruce signed with the Mets, which is interesting because the Astros apparently considered Bruce as a fall-back option had they traded Derek Fisher.

*First pitch on Opening Day (March 29) will be at 2:35pm.

*Yo here's a wild story about the head of CSE Talent's baseball division getting fired for allegedly filming his clients in the shower.


Anonymous said...

Who do you think the next man up is for LF is if Fisher is traded? Kemmer? Kemp?

The Batguy said...

Assuming they don't then make a push for a FA like JD Martinez or Carlos Gonzalez, I would assume Marwin becomes the primary LF, with a healthy dose of Marisnick added in. At least to start the season.

Carla said...

This publication is exciting.