Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Tuesday Morning Hot Links

Man, there is a whole bunch of nothing going on right now. So let's do this one more time for the end of the year:

BreakingT is having a massive Boxing Day sale today through the 29th in which the store is 20% off with the discount code YEAREND20. Get you some shirts today!

*Missed this from a few days ago, but Brady Rodgers (Tommy John surgery) looks to be ready to pitch again in June.

*Alex Bregman jumped out of a box to surprise his family.

Speaking of Bregman, one of the more prescient posts on this forsaken web site was Jeff Blogwell's "Alex Bregman Has Been Good and He is About to Get Better," posted back on June 19. Check the lede:
From now until the end of the season, Alex Bregman will be the fourth-best hitter on the Astros, right behind Correa, Altuve, and Springer. Book it.

Okay, Mr. Smartypants, let's see what it has to say, because on June 18, 2017 Bregman was hitting .244/.320/.391.

From June 19 to the end of the season, here's how it went:
Carlos Correa (46 games): .331/.408/.589 - .997 OPS
Jose Altuve (84 games): .358/.416/.557 - .973 OPS
Alex Bregman (89 games): .311/.374/.532 - .906 OPS
George Springer (76 games): .284/.376/.495 - .871 OPS

So you were wrong, Jeff You Idiot, he was the 3rd-best hitter, behind Correa, Altuve but ahead of Springer. Haha.

*Arizona's 1st-Round draft pick Pavin Smith paid off his parents' mortgage, and all of a sudden these allergies are flaring up.

*One of my favorite discoveries from 2017 is Roads & Kingdoms.