Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Wednesday Morning Hot Links

*Here is an absolutely incredible story from The Athletic's Ken Rosenthal about the race to save 1B Coach Rich Dauer's life.

*Sean Pendergast ranked his five biggest Astros stories of the year.


*Reid Ryan is awfully busy and thanks you for going broke buying Astros gear:
As far as the merchandise and all of that, we've done really, really well. It's all just added more to the excitement for '18 and '19 than what we ended up netting off it in '17. For us, the World Series has taken us from a middle-of-the-pack club and now put us in one of those top 10 teams, and now the goal is going to be, 'Can we stay there?'

*2017 5th Round pick Nate Perry reflected on his rookie season.

*There are a whole bunch of unsigned free agents out there.

*Former Astros Great Jake Buchanan signed a minor-league deal with Arizona.

*The Fantastical Adventures of Fabulous Flournoy