Saturday, December 30, 2017

Saturday Morning Hot Links

Note: Things might slow down a little as I've been working on a big ol' Hurricane Harvey/Astros retrospective, similar to the one I did for Hurricane Ike. It's currently about 4000 words and I haven't gotten to the part where (spoiler alert!) Verlander gets traded to Houston.

*Jon Heyman reports that the Astros are looking at the possibility of adding The (M)AAA-rlins' J.T. Realmuto or Jonathan Lucroy (ewww) as part of a long-term solution at catcher. Heyman:
Of course, it is well known the Astros don't like to give up prospects, and Realmuto would cost a ton of prospects.

Man I forgot that the Astros got Justin Verlander for the price of a handful of magic beans and Luhnow's willingness to co-sign on a Toyota Camry lease, and not two Top 100 prospects and a good catcher.

*This is actually from a couple of days ago, but the Astros winning the World Series caused an $11.4m loss in November - the largest baseball loss month in Vegas history. ESPN:
The Astros beat the Los Angeles Dodgers 5-1 in Game 7 on Nov. 1, sending bettors to the cashier. In addition to any winning wagers on Game 7, futures bets on the Astros to win the World Series that were placed throughout the year and cashed in November added up to the record monthly baseball loss.

I love gambling culture. I don't gamble, because I know my faults and personality, but this story from November about Bettor X and Mattress Mack is well worth your time.

*The Astros winning the World Series is Hardball Talk's top story of 2017.

*Joe Posnanski writes about Carlos Lee's career and draws an...Orlando Cepeda comp?

*The allegations against Minnesota's Miguel Sano are damning. How will MLB respond?

*Willie McCovey comes out in favor of Barry Bonds' Hall of Fame case.