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Saturday, December 30, 2017

Saturday Morning Hot Links

Note: Things might slow down a little as I've been working on a big ol' Hurricane Harvey/Astros retrospective, similar to the one I did for Hurricane Ike. It's currently about 4000 words and I haven't gotten to the part where (spoiler alert!) Verlander gets traded to Houston.

*Jon Heyman reports that the Astros are looking at the possibility of adding The (M)AAA-rlins' J.T. Realmuto or Jonathan Lucroy (ewww) as part of a long-term solution at catcher. Heyman:
Of course, it is well known the Astros don't like to give up prospects, and Realmuto would cost a ton of prospects.

Man I forgot that the Astros got Justin Verlander for the price of a handful of magic beans and Luhnow's willingness to co-sign on a Toyota Camry lease, and not two Top 100 prospects and a good catcher.

*This is actually from a couple of days ago, but the Astros winning the World Series caused an $11.4m loss in November - the largest baseball loss month in Vegas history. ESPN:
The Astros beat the Los Angeles Dodgers 5-1 in Game 7 on Nov. 1, sending bettors to the cashier. In addition to any winning wagers on Game 7, futures bets on the Astros to win the World Series that were placed throughout the year and cashed in November added up to the record monthly baseball loss.

I love gambling culture. I don't gamble, because I know my faults and personality, but this story from November about Bettor X and Mattress Mack is well worth your time.

*The Astros winning the World Series is Hardball Talk's top story of 2017.

*Joe Posnanski writes about Carlos Lee's career and draws an...Orlando Cepeda comp?

*The allegations against Minnesota's Miguel Sano are damning. How will MLB respond?

*Willie McCovey comes out in favor of Barry Bonds' Hall of Fame case.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Friday Morning Hot Links

*The Astros were off yesterday, as were the Rangers, but the A's and Mariners won and the Angels lost, so the Astros' division lead is now 11.5 games.

*While you might think that a June series against a team 12 games back doesn't pose much of an issue, Yu Darvish thinks otherwise:
Of course it's going to be very important for us. If we can win against them in this series, it's going to give us momentum going forward. If they win, they keep the momentum that they've had. So this is a key series against Houston.

*Terrifying if literal, A.J. Hinch said Carlos Correa is "becoming a monster right in front of our eyes."

*Jeff Sullivan: The Astros have become completely unstoppable. Fun little statistical note: Of the nine teams that started out 38-16, they averaged a .608 win% the rest of the season. Should the Astros do that they'll end up with a 104-58 record. If they perform at the same clip of the team with the worst rest-of-season win%, they'll be 94-68.

*Beyond the Box Score notes that Altuve's two-strike approach is costing him hits.

*At 19/4, the Astros are Bovada's favorites to win the World Series.

*Joel Sherman has some stats that make him (or you) question his (or your) baseball sanity

*Despite some issues, the stadium in downtown Fayetteville is on track to open on time.

*Check the unis Fresno wore last night in honor of the 50th anniversary of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.

*Friend of AC and Crawfish Boxes writer Ryan Dunsmore was on The Ringer's MLB podcast yesterday.

*UNFORTUNATE: It looks like the Rangers will DFA Sam Dyson.

*Congratulations to Benevolent Owner Jim Crane, who got married last weekend. Click the link if you want the "who wore what" details.

*The Astros won the title over the Cubs. Oh, wait. That's Baytown's Little League. Never mind.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Wednesday Morning Hot Links

*CBS Chicago's Bruce Levine says that the Astros, White Sox, Angels, Mets, and Braves seem to have the most serious interest in free agent outfielder Yoenis Cespedes.

Levine notes that the Mets and Braves are more willing to offer a short-term contract, while this report says the Angels won't pursue Cespedes because of luxury tax concerns. He says the White Sox, who are in win-now mode because of the deals for Brett Lawrie and Todd Frazier, not mentioning that division rivals Detroit just signed Justin Upton and Kansas City is the reigning World Series champion and just re-signed Alex Gordon.

Of course the Astros already have outfielders Springer, Rasmus, Gomez (both of whom are not under contract following the 2016 season), Marisnick, Preston Tucker, and Andrew Aplin on 40-Man, with Derek Fisher, Daz Cameron, and Kyle Tucker on the way...

*This web site thinks the Astros should trade George Springer to the Mets if they sign Cespedes.

*Marwin Gonzalez played from mid-September through the end of the playoffs with a hurt left finer and wrist, limiting his effectiveness.
It was just really painful. Actually, when I was missing the ball or getting jammed, right-handed it was hurting too. It wasn't just left-handed. But lefty was worse.

Doctors recommended rest and Marwin *should* be good to go by Spring Training.

*There's an update to that MLB/Garber case to which we linked last week regarding the broadcasting of MLB games. Garber and MLB settled out of court. Among the details:
*MLB will offer single-team MLB.TV packages for $84.99.
*But blackouts will still exist...
*...unless you already subscribe to an RSN like Root Sports SW. (Or if you have an IP scrambler, but that's neither here nor there).

(UPDATE: It seems as though MLB.TV will offer a "Follow Your Team" function and allow you to watch un-blacked out away broadcasts of games).

It's not the Best News Ever, but it's a step in the right direction. Every season I tell myself I'm going to watch more non-Astros baseball. And I do, when my wife isn't home and my kid's asleep, and there's not an Astros game on. Those occurrences happen almost never, so if you're like me and are a teacher with a kid and a mortgage and student loans and medical bills, the price reduction to go Astros-only is a nice little concession. Now about those blackouts...

*Colby Rasmus wants to finish his career in Houston.
As I stand here right now, I'd like to see myself in Houston for the rest of my playing days...I think that would be great for my family...I think it's great people, great atmosphere they're trying to create.

He also used the phrase "Nut up or shut up," proving once again that Colby Rasmus is a national treasure.

And regarding the most badass of images during the postseason run?
They tried to throw a shirt at me, but when the champagne and the beer bottles started popping, I said, 'I ain't wearing no shirt.' That's when I threw my goggles on and let it all hang out.

*Brad Peacock is ready to compete for a rotation spot in 2015 following a variety of ailments that limited him to one appearance last season.

*The Astros released minor-league pitchers Zach Davis, Jorge Perez, and Lachlan Madden.

*Here's one to keep an eye on: Yu Darvish's younger brother has been charged with running an illegal gambling ring in Japan, and MLB is looking into whether there's a link between the ring and Darvish himself.

*If you would like to upgrade at catcher via what would be an expensive trade, Jonathan Lucroy just might be available.

*Before you go, here's Colby Rasmus taking orders at a San Antonio Whataburger.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Bovada sets Astros win O/U at 59.5

Here is the Twitpic of the 2013 season win over/under from Bovada. The Astros' O/U is 59.5 wins. How that compares to the rest of the AL:

Detroit: 92.5
LA Angels: 92.5
NY Yankees: 88.5
Toronto: 87.5
Tampa Bay: 86.5
Texas: 86.5
Oakland: 83.5
Boston: 82.5
Chicago White Sox: 80.5
Baltimore: 78.5
Kansas City: 78.5
Seattle: 77.5
Cleveland: 76.5
Minnesota: 67.5
Houston: 59.5

So, as far as Over/Unders go, the Astros are eight games worse than the next-to-worst team in the AL. Only the Marlins come in under the Twins, with their O/U win total set at 63.5.