Thursday, October 26, 2017

Thursday Morning Hot Links

So -

I mean...

The thing is:

I got nothing. That was one of the craziest games I've ever seen. Maybe it wasn't the craziest game I've ever seen (that Memorial Day comeback against the Twins could eclipse it), but it's definitely the wildest World Series game I've ever seen. I'll never forget it. It took like three knockout blows from the Astros, but they finally beat the Dodgers, 7-6, in 11 innings. Series is tied 1-1.

*At one point, the Dodgers' win expectancy was 92.4%.

*A.J. Hinch:
If you like October baseball, if you like any kind of baseball, that's one of the most incredible games you'll ever be a part of.

This is an instant classic and to be part of it is pretty special.

*The Ringer's Michael Baumann: Game 2 wasn't a "classic," it was a generational epic. Baumann:
But where the game should have ended is where it truly began, because the Dodgers' bullpen, imperious and untouchable as it had been throughout the month of October, didn't make sure Leatherface was dead.

*Springer went 3x5 with a walk. Altuve was 1x6 with a 10th inning homer. Correa was 3x6 with a 10th inning homer. Marwin was 1x3 with two walks...and a home run. The Dodgers were 98-0 when leading after eight innings.

You have to believe in what they can do, not what they're doing. If you respond to every bad game or tough game, you'll bounce these guys around and ruin their confidence in a heartbeat. [Springer] is one of our best players. And there's no need to panic over a bad night against Clayton Kershaw.

*Hinch, on Marwin's 9th inning home run:
We're not here if Marwin Gonzalez doesn't hit a ball to center field against the best closer in baseball.

Springer, whose name will come up more often in Houston here in about nine months:
I just think when the lights turn on even brighter, you tend to subconsciously press, and you want to succeed so bad that you start to do things that you wouldn't do.

*Eight home runs by both the Astros and Dodgers set a World Series record, and after hitting two home runs in extra innings in the regular season, the Astros became the first team in baseball history to hit a home run in the 9th, 10th, and 11th innings.

*And we haven't even talked about Chris Taylor diving for a ball that bounced off the brim of his cap and straight to Joc Pederson. Or when Chris Devenski's pickoff throw hit Laz Diaz and kept a runner from scoring. Or when this happened:

*Dude was mad at a security guard, apparently.

*Dodgers manager Dave Roberts:
Guys were playing hard on both sides. And unfortunately we came up short. We didn't expect these guys to lay down. It's a very good ball club over there.

*It didn't look like the Astros were going to pull Game 2 out. Justin Verlander had managed to give up two hits but, like Tuesday night, two bad pitches resulted in a 3-1 Dodgers lead. But then Dave Roberts called on Kenley Jansen - you know, the guy with the 1.32 regular season ERA, who had allowed five home runs in 68.2IP, who had thrown 9IP this postseason, allowing 2H/0ER, 13K:1BB this postseason - to get six outs. Animated stick man Corey Seager:
He's human, but he's our guy. That's the guy you want on the mound. Tomorrow, he's going right back out there.

Good call, Seager. Make Kenley Jansen throw today. Idiot. Jansen, on the home run in the 9th to Marwin to tie the game:
I wanted it to be up and in, and it just flattened out down the middle. He got it up and hit a line drive. The ball had been carrying out all night. You can't do anything about that. I missed a pitch, he got me.

*Brian McCann:
That's the craziest game I've ever played in. It was awesome. That's the beauty of baseball. That's why it's the best sport in the world. You don't see drama go on as long as this anywhere else. That's why it's America's pastime. 

What Altuve does on the field doesn't even impress me anymore. I kind of expect him to do stuff like that. That homer he hit was a game-changer right there, even for me. I was so focused and pumped, it changed my at-bat completely.

*Joe Posnanski: This game was nuts. (Read this article).

*Ken Giles, who blew the save opportunity:
My confidence is not damaged, I flat-out need to execute.

Giles has allowed 12 baserunners in his last 26 batters faced.

*Yahoo's Mike Oz: How Justin Verlander's rant, George Springer, and a little faith saved the Astros' season.

*The Astros are 10-0 in Justin Verlander's starts.

*Grant Brisbee:
The Astros were dead before they were alive before they were dead before they were dead before they were victorious, and as the smoke poured into the ballpark, it was impossible to know if the whump-whump-whump of the helicopters around the ballpark were for the fire or the World Series, and it's not like anyone could tell the difference.

*Dallas Keuchel was not thrilled about Charlie Culbertson cutting the lead to 7-6 in the 11th. Keuchel:
He acted like he won the World Series.

*Dave Cameron: In defense of Dave Roberts pulling Rich Hill after four innings and 60 pitches. FiveThirtyEight's Neil Payne says Game 2 was a lesson in how not to manage a bullpen.

*Yahoo's Jeff Passan: How the Astros won an epic, homer-happy Game 2.

*CBS Sports' Bill Reiter: The Astros, like the city of Houston, are relentless

*Thanks for the free taco, Cameron Maybin.

*The watch party at MMP was lit, fam. (sorry).

*Oh yeah, Jose Altuve won the Hank Aaron Award before the game.

*Game 3: Darvish v McCullers; Game 4: Wood v Morton.

*Do you have All The Money In The World? Buy some tickets!

*The Game 2 win has FanGraphs' simulations giving the Astros a 51.6% nod to win the World Series. FiveThirtyEight still has the Dodgers' with a 54-46 edge on the series. They're giving the Dodgers the slightest of nods in Game 3.