Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Tuesday Morning Hot Links

*That was it. That was the last off-day of the regular season. Six games at home (Chicago, Anaheim) followed by seven on the road (Arlington, Boston) and then it's playoffs time.

*Here's how rotation schedule looks to shake out:

* = confirmed

White Sox
Tuesday: McHugh*
Wednesday: Peacock*
Thursday: Keuchel*

Friday: Verlander*
Saturday: Morton*
Sunday: McHugh

Monday: Peacock/McCullers
Tuesday: Keuchel
Wednesday: Verlander

Thursday: Morton
Friday: McHugh
Saturday: Peacock/McCullers
Sunday: Keuchel

Now let's project the ALDS schedule based on this, which has probably already changed since I started looking at it:
ALDS G1 (Thursday): Verlander can pitch on seven days' rest
ALDS G2 (Friday): Keuchel pitches on regular rest
ALDS G3 (Sunday): Could go in a number of directions here, since it will have been at least a week since any of the G3 options have pitched.
ALDS G4 (Monday): Same
ALDS G5 (Wednesday): Verlander

*Video: How the Astros got to the postseason

*Jexas wrote about the fiasco surrounding the ALDS ticket pre-sale yesterday.

*Jake Kaplan tried to predict the postseason roster.

*The "man who saved the world" died at 77.