Monday, July 31, 2017

Monday Morning Hot Links

Trade Deadline is at 3pm Central today, four hours before the Astros take on the Rays. We'll update as we can throughout the day, but will definitely have something up by 5pm, regardless of what happens. And there's a new Lima Time Time tonight.

*Absolute beat-down yesterday at the hands of the Tigers as the Astros lose 13-1, their worst loss of the season, and lose their first road series since April 25-27 against Cleveland. The Astros are 68-36, 16 games up on the Mariners, with 58 games remaining.

*Astros versus:
NL: 9-1 (.900)
AL West: 31-14 (.689)
AL East: 15-8 (.652)
AL Central: 13-13 (.500)

The Astros are 5-5 in their last 10 games, 11-9 in their last 20 games.

*Lance McCullers yesterday: 5IP, 8H/5ER, 4K:4BB. In the month of July, McCullers has made four starts, throwing 18.2IP, 32H/20ER, 15K:11BB. This is not good. Hey guess what: McCullers couldn't locate his fastball again! Here's McCullers:
I don't care about my numbers, personally. I think I've gone out there the past couple times and put the team in a bad spot with the way I've thrown, so that's more frustrating. 

*Astros starters have thrown 122.2IP in July, second-fewest in the Majors over that span.

*The bullpen has allowed 37 runs in their last 33IP. In July, Astros relievers posted an AL-worst 5.79 ERA (4.81 FIP/4.05 xFIP) for a -0.2 fWAR, 4th-worst in the Majors. They've collectively given up 1.93 HR/9 - worst in the Majors over this month.

*Tony Sipp:
The box score doesn't show it, but I feel really good. 

No, the box score doesn't show that he feels good. What the box score does show is that Sipp threw 0.1IP, 3H/5ER, 0K:2BB yesterday. The box score shows that Sipp has a 6.39 ERA. A quick look at FanGraphs tells you that his 6.39 ERA is inflated, but it's not as though a 5.05 FIP is good, especially when he's your only lefty reliever option.

*Will Harris, activated from the DL on Friday, was put back on the DL yesterday morning. Harris:
It just was still painful to throw. We didn't think that was going to be the case when I got activated...But it didn't quite get better like we thought.

*Tyler White pitched the bottom of the 8th, if you want to know how things are going. Hinch:
We're not in a good spot right now. We're beat up. And we're having to wear it a little bit. 

*Joe Musgrove is pouting a little bit, being in the bullpen:
It's fun being down there, knowing you have a chance to throw every day, but I wish I could throw more. Maybe down the line I'll get a chance in a more high-leverage situation, but right now, I'm just trying to do my job.

Musgrove allowed back-to-back RBI doubles yesterday.


*The Astros were the favorites to land Justin Wilson, who shut them down on Saturday, but ultimately the fu Cubs won the bidding war. Chicago traded their #4 prospect and their #17 prospect (according to FanGraphs) for Wilson AND catcher Alex Avila. FanGraphs called them "interesting but superfluous" prospects. Dave Cameron:
Part of why you develop prospects is to exchange them for big leaguers when you need the help, and the Cubs needed to get better this year to take advantage of their current window to win.

Hm. That sounds familiar. Anyway, 3B Jeimer Candelario is a 23-year old 3B completely blocked by Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo. Think "Tony Kemp." Now he's one of two players traded for a really good lefty reliever. Cool.

*Joel Sherman says the Astros are the strongest pursuer of Zach Britton and are willing to take the chance on his forearm holding up "because his upside would give them the best chance to win series in October. Baltimore wants an Aroldis Chapman-like return.

*The price for Brad Hand is still "insanely high," though maybe toned down a little, given what the Tigers took for Justin Wilson.

*Ken Rosenthal's latest post on Facebook tells us the following:
-The Dodgers and Yankees are the hottest on Darvish
-The Yankees and A's are at a stalemate on Sonny Gray
-The Dodgers are more focused on Zach Britton and could make a push for Gray if the Yankees back out.

The Dodgers are 74-31.

*David Schoenfield:
There's enough talent for the Astros to make a trade and keep the talent pipeline flowing. What deal will Luhnow make?

*Let's keep in mind that the Rangers just traded Jonathan Lucroy to Colorado for a PTBNL 363 days after trading Lewis Brinson (a Top 20 prospect) and Luis Ortiz (a Top 100 prospect) to get him.

*Did you know that Jeffrey Robert got inducted into the Hall of Fame yesterday?

*Former Astro Lee May passed away at 74. May was the key piece in the Cincinnati trade that gave the Reds Joe Morgan, and he was later traded to Baltimore for Enos Cabell.

*HISD is the 2nd-largest employer of people receiving housing help.


Anonymous said...

Insane that Luhnow was not able to put a trade package together for J Wilson better than what the Cubs offered. I hope he quits sitting on his thumb & does SOMETHING to improve the bullpen. If they go into the playoffs with Sipp on the roster, They're asking for trouble

Lyle Smith said...

I am okay with Luhnow doing nothing. It'll just mean he believes in our guys.

And government shouldn't over pay unskilled labor. 2 income family units are also important to decreasing poverty.

Michael Carder said...

At this point, I'd be stunned to see an Astros move. It's just been way to quiet on the rumor front for me to believe Luhnow will let go of his most beloved prospects to help the team WIN. Brian T. Smith referenced last years deadline and the inactivity by the Astros. Will it be felt in the club house? I don't think the rotation is the issue; it's without question the bullpen..

Nick Holloway said...

When I was a child, my dad drove the family from North Mississippi to Florida on vacation. It was the first time we'd had a proper family vacation. The first night we went to dinner at a seafood restaurant. My dad had been excited to eat at a place that had fresh seafood. You really couldn't get that back home. We were seated, drink orders taken, and menus passed around. My dad immediately looked at how much everything cost and was pissed. My mom asked him what he expected. A tourist town in the summer would be expensive. He argued the tourists were being unfairly gouged. He already felt the Best Western was overpriced. He wasn't going to be taken advantage of. He didn't have to eat there. He took his young family and left. I still remember the look on the server's face, and my mom's embarrassment, as my dad stomped out. We went to a local supermarket and ate bologna sandwiches the rest of the trip.

Guys, I'm afraid Jeff Luhnow may be my dad.

Michael Carder said...

Totally agreed. And you've never heard any mention of payroll limitations so it's definitely the prospect prices. When looking at some of these trades that have happened, comparing rankings, which is all we have to go by, we'd have paid with names that we all know but don't want to see go. We are all willing to trade Moran. Kemp, and Reed. None of us want to see Luhnow give up Whitley, Tucker or Fisher. But that's what a Britton or a Gray will cost.


Nick Holloway said...

Eating a bologna sandwich, looking at our 2015 AAA Championship. #FlagsFlyForever

(I hope I'm overreacting)