Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Tuesday Morning Hot Links

*The Astros beat West Shreveport 6-2 last night behind a 5-run 7th inning, the rally occurring one inning after Lance McCullers threw behind Mike Napoli, which hurt the collective butts of the Rangers team and the angst-ridden corner of Rangers Twitter.

Obviously, I didn't like it. I understand how things work. All he had to do was put one in my hip and I go to first base. But nobody likes 95 behind the back. It caught me off guard.

They threw at Napoli on purpose. I hit two guys on the elbow and they threw behind Napoli's head.

(Ed. note: It wasn't behind his head).

Hacksaw Jeff Banister:
I think anytime somebody throws behind a hitter's head (Ed. note: It wasn't behind his head) it's going to create some tension. They had two guys diving and get hit on pads and he gave up a home run to Napoli and then throw behind his head (Ed. note: It wasn't behind his head). Yeah, I think that deserves a little anxiety and anger. 

So let me see if I have this right: Andrew Cashner had hit Altuve and Gurriel earlier in the game. Neither plunking looked like it was done with intent, though Altuve took it more squarely than Gurriel. Napoli had also hit a home run earlier in the game. So McCullers threw behind Napoli with two outs in the 6th. Napoli is upset. Why? Not because McCullers hit him - Napoli said "all he had to do was put one in my hip and I go to first base." This says to me - a person with reasonably good reading comprehension skills - that if McCullers had actually hit Napoli, nothing would have happened. But since, again (and try to stay with me), McCullers actively did not hit Napoli and missed him entirely with a pitch, it's throw-down time. This makes no sense.

McCullers sent a message. How many times did we rail on Hinch and the team last year for getting hit multiple times in a game and doing nothing about it? McCullers didn't hit Napoli, he ended up striking him out to end the inning, but a message - one where nobody was hit with a ball - was sent.

But still, let's check in on paid Rangers employee Jamey Newberg:
*Jeff Banister, on whether he thought McCullers' pitch to Napoli was intentional:

Ask him. Tell him to grab a bat. 

*Jeff Banister lamented the Rangers' leadoff walks and the hit batters.

*Evan Grant thinks (hopes?) the "brawl" could be "soul-cleansing."

*Alex Bregman apologized for his #BTSOOTR tweet, further proving the WUSSIFICATION OF SPROTS.

*Gurriel sure did have a pretty slide in the 7th to avoid the tag.

*The Astros are skipping Frankie Tuesday's next start due to "mild abdominal soreness."

*Jeff Blogwell wrote about when Billy Wagner gave up an inside-the-park grand slam.

*Boston fans gonna Boston. (Note: this is completely unacceptable).


Anonymous said...

Bannister is like the little league dad that lives vicariously through his kids. Sit down old man and let the players play the game. Also, cashner and the rest of the whiny babies need to get their eyes checked if they think that was behind his head. Next time I hope he gets drilled in the arm with a a 95 mph heater. If he wants to get hit instead of having it thrown behind him, then light him up.

Anonymous said...

Replying to @NewbergReport

The Rangers outfield is PATHETIC!!!

Dirt Napoli, Stinky Odor, Filthy Lucroy, Porky Hamels, Barfy Rua, Wino Gallo and Carlos Blowmez are all pathetic.

Scott Eiland said...

I like 2017 Hinch better than 2016 Hinch. Answering the stupid "do you condone throwing at napoli" question with "I don't condone Altuve and Gurriel getting hit (paraphrased)" silly media.

Everyone's drooling over Joey Gallo but I bet he turns into a 21st century version of Pete Incaviglia.