Monday, May 22, 2017

Monday Morning Hot Links

Well folks the Astros did it again, they lost to the Cleveland Indians, getting swept for the first time this season. They've only lost three series all season, one to Kansas City and two to Cleveland, meaning the Astros are 2-7 against the AL Central and 27-8 against all other divisions.

*Joe Musgrove had a terrible outing, allowing 8H/7ER, recording just six outs in 3+IP. Musgrove sounds like he's hit rock-bottom::
It's tough right now. I've been going through a real rough route the whole season, really. I've put together a couple good ones here and there, but I haven't been myself and I haven't felt normal really the whole year...I think right now the important thing for me is to really not give up on myself. I've always been really mentally strong. But as soon as your mind and your heart start to become enemies, one of them's got to lose. So, I've got to really do a good job of staying on top of that. 

Jake Kaplan notes that Keuchel and McCullers have a combined 2.21 ERA while Musgrove, Morton, and Fiers have a 4.99 ERA. ERA isn't the be-all end-all but it's a statistic, nonetheless.

Nothing went really right today after the first inning. This is a good team across the way. We all know that. They're an excellent team when you give them an extra 90 feet, and we did that multiple times with some walks...

Yan Gomes, who had 5RBI today:
[The Astros are] the hottest team in the AL. It was good to come in here and know that, at some point, we're the hottest team in the AL.

*The Astros managed to *only* strikeout nine times against the Indians, so that's nice. They've struck out 9+ times in 17 of 44 games this season, with an 8-9 record in those games.

*This series:
Jose Altuve: 3x12, HR, 2RBI
Carlos Beltran: 2x9, 2K:2BB, HR
Josh Reddick: 2x10
Alex Bregman: 2x10, 2B, HR
Carlos Correa: 1x9, 3K:2BB, HR
George Springer: 1x11, 8K:1BB
Nori Aoki: 0x9, 2K

*The Astros are 16-3 when scoring 6+ runs. Two of those losses are to Cleveland.

*Brian McTaggart notes that Sunday's game is the first time the Astros have hit four home runs in a game and lost since May 24, 2013 against Oakland.

*Ashur Tolliver made his Astros debut, allowing 2H/1ER with 5K:2BB in 4IP. After a rough beginning (Flyout, Wild Pitch, Walk, Single, Fielder's Choice, HBP, Infield Single/Throw-out at the plate) Tolliver got nine of the next ten batters he faced. That said, he's headed back to Fresno as the Astros need another arm for tomorrow's game against Detroit.

*Tony Sipp threw another scoreless inning today. Tony Sipp, May: 6 appearances, 8.1IP, 1H/1ER, 9K:2BB.

*Luke Gregerson's WBC eagle sculpture was auctioned off for $51,000.

*Watch a drone fly into some fans during the Padres game.

*FanRag: Derek Fisher is the real deal.

*Sports Illustrated: Cleveland, 1954: The Browns, the Indians, and a Murder Trial

*Rolling Stone, 2014: Chris Cornell on 'Superunknown,' depression, and Kurt Cobain.

*Please note: I hate Chelsea and I'm glad John Terry is retiring.