Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Wednesday Morning Hot Links

*The Astros won 2-1 behind an excellent start from Lance McCullers and solo homers from Brian McCann and Marwin Gonzalez (the #8 and #9 hitters, respectively). McCullers utilized a large number of curveballs in holding the Mariners to 5H/1ER, 7K:2BB on 88 pitches. Hinch, on those curveballs:
They know it's coming, he knows it's coming, and he still finds a way to beat them. 

Three of the Mariners' five hits were infield hits.

*Lance McCullers: Sleeper Cy Young contender.

*Ken Giles is the 3rd Astros pitcher (joining Billy Wagner in 1997 and Dave Smith in 1987) to record two saves in the first two games of the season.

*George Springer was thrown out trying to steal 2B twice!

*The Fun Police Chief Brian McCann is quickly in sync with Astros pitchers, forcing them to do their homework and wash behind their ears.

*Jeff Blogwell makes a triumphant return to Astros County and warns you, stop trying to throw inside to Carlos Correa.

*Hinch's go-to late-inning defensive alignment: Reddick-Marisnick-Springer.

*Seattle GM Jerry Dipoto is trying to thread the needle between rebuilding like the Astros did, and rebuilding on the fly. Dipoto:
Part of the reason the Astros have the type of team they have now, they bit the bullet and they really hit. You have to be both wise in your planning and fortunate in the outcome to hit in the short term.

*Garrett Stubbs is now the 10th-best catching prospect in baseball.

*Astros 17th-ranked prospect SS Jonathan Arauz, who came to the Astros in the Ken Giles trade, was suspended for 50 games after testing positive for the banned stimulant methamphetamine.

*Corpus' J.D. Davis found his time in Spring Training extremely valuable.

*Akeem Bostick will be the Opening Day starter for the Buies Creek Astros, tomorrow night at 7pm Eastern. Meanwhile, the soon-to-be Fayetteville club got more than 1400 suggestions in the Name The Team contest.

*Quad Cities' roster features seven of the Astros' Top 30 prospects, including last year's 1st Round pick Forrest Whitley.

*The Cardinals' Stephen Piscotty had a hilarious trip around the bases last night.

*Philadelphia's Brock Stassi has a great backstory.


Anonymous said...

Is it me or did it look like Betran was running in sand in left field last night? I know it's only the first two games, but after that sorry display, let's keep him as the DH.

Lyle Smith said...

Springer seems to have put on weight and looks slower than last year. Was at the game last night.

Anonymous said...

I haven't been able to catch either of the 1st two games, but looking at the box score, I'm noticing a huge drop in whiffs (which is a great thing). However, there hasn't been any scoring outside of the longball...

I'm curious, for those who have caught the games so far, are we at least hitting the ball with some authority?

I guess I'm really wondering if it's just a fluke and at some point, the hits will start dropping.



DaddyO said...

1. The Beltran in LF experiment may see less deployment than planned. Any other OF on the roster would have caught that ball. I love his bat but get him off the field.

2. Springer has never been a particularly good base runner regardless of his speed...he is fine but needs some serious help in the category or just don't steal...his jumps and approach are horrible.

3. It has only been TWO games...why are we looking for a hit parade two games into the season?