Monday, November 28, 2016

Monday Morning Hot Links

*I talked about the Astros last night with Sammy, my friend Joe's 10-year old son, for about half an hour last night.

*You may not have heard of Sammy before, but our guest on Lima Time Time tonight may sound familiar: Lance McCullers, Jr.

*Buster Olney writes that it would be a good idea for A.J. Hinch to tuck Josh Reddick in the #2-hole, and put as much distance between him and Brian McCann in the lineup as possible.

*Ken Rosenthal says that Alex Bregman would have to highlight a trade for Chris Sale.

*Richard Justice gives an overview of the major players and pimps in free agency...dependent on the new CBA being ratified soon.

*Speaking of the CBA, which expires at 11:59pm Wednesday, there are "high hopes" for a deal getting done but the possibility of an off-season lockout remains. Allegedly on the table is MLB cutting the compensation clause of signing big-name free agent.

*Former Astros minor-leaguer, and minor-league manager Josh Bonifay became the Rangers' major-league field coordinator last week. Bonifay was announced as the Astros minor-league player development coordinator in September.

*FanGraphs' David Laurilia wrote in his Sunday links column (scroll down about halfway) that Chris Devenski was 2016's most valuable rookie pitcher.

*This article is missing a pretty major part (fear, violence, terror) of Fidel Castro's reign in Cuba, but here's an article describing the importance of sports - particularly baseball - and culture under Castro.

*SABR: A bomb threat in 1970 gave fans the opportunity to mingle on the field with Twins players.

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Wallee Wright said...

Did you miss the note near the end of the FanGraphs article on Jeff Bagwell? He apparently has more career stolen bases than Pete Rose and Jackie Robinson.