Sunday, August 21, 2016

Sunday Morning Hot Links

So the Astros hammered the Orioles for a second straight night with a 12-2 win.

We've hit the ball hard the past two nights. And when we do that, it goes far. It gets contagious a little bit with guys getting comfortable at the plate. I like how we've paired up some at-bats to where one guy after another is performing pretty well. I like what I see. We're a good offense when we get going like this. I know we've been streaky throughout the season.

*The Rays beat the Rangers, the Mariners beat the Brewers. The Tigers lost, the Yankees won. The Astros are 9.5 GB of the Ramgers, 6.5 GB of WC1, 4.5 GB of WC2 with the Mariners, Tigers, Yankees, and Royals between them.

*Yulieski Gurriel will make his Major League debut today in Baltimore. Luhnow:
He got up to 50 at-bats with us in the Minor Leagues. That's a normal Spring Training for him. We've bounced him around the country. But from a baseball standpoint, he's ready and he's ready for this challenge. To add him to this group is exciting for us, certainly fun for us, our guys will be excited about it.

Tyler White has been optioned to Fresno.

*I'm still working through thoughts on this Liz Roscher piece regarding Jeff Luhnow and the attractiveness of Houston as an organization.

*Luis Valbuena might not be coming back, y'all, after reaggravating his hamstring injury.

*The Astros extended their PDC with Tri-City through the 2018 season.

*In what could be the ultimate troll job, the Rangers have signed Carlos Gomez to a minor-league deal with the idea of adding him to their major league roster fairly soon. Ramgers GM Jon Daniels:
Sometimes things just don't work out the way acquiring clubs intend, and obviously we're taking a chance on him, thinking he's better than his most recent performance in Houston.

Hacksaw Jeff Banister:
This is an impact player. We've got to get some positive energy going with him...We made a move that we feel has an opportunity to impact us.

Gomez is totally gonna hit .310.


Anonymous said...

I hope gogo does turn it around. If he does well in South Oklahoma what would that say about how our team is managed and run?

ntxlfty said...

You don't WANT to root against a guy, but...this is pushing it.

Roseana Auten said...

What's the grapevine about Astros hitting coaching?

Anonymous said...

Luhnow just has red ass because several of his beloved sabre metric players have been awful all year. And then he got his butt kicked at the trade deadline.

He's been really arrogant and slow to learn from his mistakes. The Astros needed to improve in several areas, and instead, sat still in the middle of a pennant race.

Several players on this squad are over rated. They just weren't good enough.

Been a disappointing season.

John Martin said...

I would not call this year's team a disappointment. I would call last year's team a pleasant surprise.

This year's team is developmentally on track for contention next season, which before last year was what most were hoping for. We still have a chance at a WC, but the August collapse (which had a lot to do with injuries) is going to make that tough.

Also, Go Go is a turd. He should get the Beltran treatment for as long as a team sees him fit for employment.

ntxlfty said...

Nah. Totally different situation. Gomez (just)disappointed us with his subpar play. Beltran lied to us and broke our hearts.