Monday, July 4, 2016

Monday Morning Hot Links

Four years ago today Jeff Luhnow traded Carlos Lee to the Marlins for Matt Dominguez and Rob Rasmussen. Best July 4 since 1776.

*Lima Time Time: Episode 16 is available now.

*Correa and Altuve combined to go 0x8 yesterday. Correa:
We're hitting in the middle of the order, and when both of us go 0-fer, we're not gonna have a very good chance at winning the game. Obviously we gotta be able to do a better job tomorrow in order to give us a chance to win.

*The controversy came in the 7th inning, after Devenski hit Jose Abreu, and Jose Quintana threw not one but two pitches at or behind Evan Gattis, the second coming after an umpire warning that didn't result in any consequence for Quintana. Hinch was pissed:
They don't get two free shots at your players...for them to allow Quintana, who's been perfect the entire game and making his pitches - he's given up a couple of hits and one home run to the opposite field - to take two shots at Evan Gattis, it's unfair.

*A.J. Reed is working through his early MLB issues.

*Nick Cafardo reported yesterday that the Astros and Blue Jays "are up to something" with the Blue Jays interested in Francis Martes. Because of course they are.

*Brian T. Smith writes about the Astros' Big Three.

*The Astros won't be able to sign an international free agent for more than $300,000 for the next two seasons. Implications of the Red Sox' ban for some background...

*Alex Bregman hit his 2nd homer - a three-run shot - for Fresno yesterday.

*Everyone hates that Foul Ball Guy.

*From 1950: Ernest Hemingway Visits New York

*Happy Independence Day! Make sure all of your fingers see the 5th of July.