Monday, June 13, 2016

Monday Morning Hot Links

*Cockroach has the recap of yesterday's Astro-mastery by Matt Moore.

*The 2016 Draft page has been updated.

*Lima Time Time Episode 13: The Astronomaly went live late last night.

*Things were going great for Dallas Keuchel (4IP, 1H/0ER), until the 5th when they weren't (5 runs on four hits two walks and two defensive misplays):
I don't believe in bad luck. It's just the way it's going. So I'll stick with it, and I would like for it to turn around. If anybody's got any ideas, that would be great.

The big inning, often times, results from a lot of different things. He had a couple walks in there. They had a couple good at-bats where they got a couple good hits, but then our defense let us down a little bit. So add all that together, and it was a five-run inning where we just couldn't get the inning to end for a variety of reasons.

*Carlos Correa (ankle) is looking at a Tuesday return. Hinch:
He's doing fine. There's a little unknown until he gets going at game speed with spikes on and reactive plays (happening), as opposed to these scripted, easy fungos and batting practice in tennis shoes on the turf. He's moving around fine. He was saying today he felt a lot better. That's all great. This is more strategic on the fact that we have a day off tomorrow, and we can give him a little extra time off.

*Luis Valbuena's .871 OPS since May 1 is 3rd among AL 3Bs. Hinch:
He's controlling the strike zone a little bit better. He gets into pull mode and his big swings can get him into a little bit of trouble. He's got so much power that it can be to his detriment sometimes where he's trying to hunt home runs and gets a little big big (with his swing). 

*Tim Lincecum's (likely final) line for Salt Lake City against Fresno last night: 7IP, 1H/0ER, 8K:1BB. Brady Rodgers' line for Fresno: 8IP, 2H/0ER, 8K:0BB. Fresno beats The Lincecums 1-0.

*Watch the Boston Globe's Nick Cafardo absolutely destroy Carl Crawford:
When he got to Boston, he became a whiner and blamed his lack of success on everything and anything but himself. One of the least accountable people I've seen come through Boston in the 32 years I've been around the team.

*Absolutely phenomenal story (from 2013), via SI: The best player you never saw.

*The Cubs and Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel aren't real happy with each other.


Anonymous said...

5 starters in yesterday's starting lineup hitting 216 or under. Ar e we really shocked that they lost?

Gattis -216 --- At least he's adding a little power.

Gomez -- 181 --- Needs a bus ticket outta town.

White--- 211 --- Not good enough.

Castro --- 209 --- Been awful since his All-Star appearance a few years ago. And no hope in sight for improvement.

Marisnick --- 181 --- Not good enough.

Time for some serious changes in several positions. We're 2 months into the season; these guys (except maybe Gattis) should have lost their jobs. Mo way an organization that expects to compete like St Louis or Texas or Chicago would accept this volume of futility for this period of time.

For several of these players, there's simply no hope for improvement in sight. I recognize that other players might not be ready to replace them, but serious changes need to be made quickly.

As a fan, I simply do not want to watch these players. I don't want to watch them play on TV, and I absolutely wouldn't pay money to watch them at The Juicebox.

JoeinAlaska said...

I agree with anonymous, it's time to start bringing up some youngsters. They might do any better but at least they can get their feet wet in the Majors and be ready for next year. Out of all the hitters who are doing so poorly White surprises me the most. He hit at every level until he reached the show. I'd like to think he's still learning to make adjustments and will be much improved after more AB's.

Scott Eiland said...

Castro's regression and Marisnick's inability to do anything at the plate are problematic, sure, but the real preventable issue I see is paying Carlos Gomez $9 million to be terrible in all facets, with no apparent strategy other than to swing so hard his helmet flies off.

We gave up Brett Phillips PLUS for this guy?

Anonymous said...

Very concerning that we're 65 games into this season; half the lineup is trying to redefine the Mendoza line, and management hasn't done a single thing about it.

I would prefer watching 7th grade girls basketball than witnessing Jason Castro, Carlos Gomez, and Jake Marisnick hit with runners on base.

Bad baseball!

The Batguy said...

I suppose it would be pointless to let you know Castro is hitting .264/.400/.528 with runners on this year.

Folks, it not like I think Castro is TEH GRATEST HITTER EVAR, just don't say stupid, non-factual stuff when you're complaining about these guys. There's plenty to be frustrated about without making stuff up.

Chas R said...

It really is a bad situation. There are so many issues with this team, I'm just not sure how to fix them all this season. The front office really should have made more moves to fix obvious holes in the offseason. The only move was to overpay for Giles. I know he's been bad, but he's young, cheap, and under control, so we have some time. I think we're stuck with Gomez too. Not fixing 3B, 1B, and enhancing the starting rotation were big mistakes.

Reuben said...

Jason Castro has a .353 OBP and a .388 SLG, good enough for a 105 OPS+. He already has been worth 1.0 WAR according to BB-ref. In other words, he's actually been a good hitter for a catcher, and a very good player overall this year. Not to mention, there are no viable replacements for him whatsoever.

But carry on talking about how awful he is if you really want, commenters.

Chas R said...

Yep, Castro is not the big problem this season. Even Valbuena is hitting over .260 in the last two weeks. But, there is not one Astros position player with an fWAR at 1.

Truly Keuchel has regressed, but he has also had some really bad luck. Even though his ERA is above 5, his FIP is close to 3.50.

Gattis is not very good, but he has also had some bad luck. His BABIP is close .150.

Some under performance, some bad luck, some weaknesses not shored up and... ladies and gentlemen, you're 2016 Astros.