2016 Draft

Houston's Bonus Pool Allotment: $5,928,300
Total Pool Used: $6,210,000
Total Pool Remaining: -$281,700
Total Pool Remaining Without Losing A Pick: $14,715
Total Bonus +/- Slot Value: +$446,600

Last Updated: July 14, 2016

PickPick ValuePlayerNewsSigned For+/- Value
1-17$2,504,200Forrest Whitley6/22: Signed$3,148,000+$643,800
2-61$1,056,800Ronnie Dawson6/12: Reached deal$1,056,800-
3-97$614,000Jake Rogers6/12: Reached deal$614,000-
4-127$459,700Brett Adcock6/13: Reached deal$430,000-$29,700
5-157$344,300Abraham Toro6/12: Reached deal$250,000-$94,300
6-187$257,900Stephen Wrenn6/15: Signed$257,900-
7-217$193,300Tyler Buffett7/13: Will not sign

8-247$176,600Nick Hernandez6/11: Signed$125,000-$51,600
9-277$164,900Ryan Hartman6/11: Signed

10-307$156,600Dustin Hunt6/11: Signed$135,000-$21,600

Chad Donato6/20: Signed

12-367Carmen Benedetti6/15: On Tri-City's roster

12-367Ryne Birk6/20: Signed

14-427Carson LaRue6/11: Negotiations ongoing
15-457Alex Degoti6/14: Signed
16-487Spencer Johnson
Brian Howard6/28: Returning to TCU
18-547Colin McKee6/20: Signed
Taylor Jones6/15: On Tri-City's roster
Louis-Phillippe Pelletier6/20: Signed
21-637Chuckie Robinson6/12: Agreed to terms
22-667Raymond Henderson6/14: Signed$100,000
Tyler Britton
Troy Bieber6/22: Signed
Kevin Hill6/20: Signed
26-787Avery Tuck6/12: Likely going to SDSU
27-817Nathan Thompson6/22: Signed
28-847Johnny Ruiz
29-877Elliott Barzilli
30-907Brody Westmoreland6/11: Will sign
31-937Howie Brey6/12: Will sign
32-967Darius Vines
33-997Toby Handley
34-1027Stijin van der Meer
Nick Slaughter6/11: UH commit
36-1087Ian Hardman6/20: Signed
37-1117Anthony DeFrancesco6/11: Headed to Jr College
38-1147Chaz Pal6/22: Signed
39-1177Tyler Wolfe6/22: Signed
40-1207Lucas Williams6/22: Signed

Underrated Free Agent signings (H/T What the Heck, Bobby and itsDTrain)

LHP Sean Stutzman, Dallas Baptist
RHP Reggie Johnson, Hampden-Sydney College
RHP Devin Raftery, Nova Southeastern


Anonymous said...

Howard, Barzilli and Ruiz also headed to Omaha. Will be fun to watch 4 prospective Astros over the next few weeks. All 4 picks participating in the CWS are JRs, so it will be interesting to see who signs and who returns for their SR year.

Anonymous said...

What happened to round# 13?

SDsportsjunkie said...

Ryne Birk, 2B, TAMU

Anonymous said...

Toro signed for $250 k

Anonymous said...

5th-rder Abraham Toro signs w/@Astros for $250k (pick 157 = $344,300).

Anonymous said...

4th-rder Brett Adcock signs w/@Astros, $430k

Anonymous said...

8th-rder Nick Hernandez signs w/@Astros for $125k (pick 247 = $176,600) Houston RHP

Anonymous said...

6th-rder Stephen Wrenn signs w/@Astros for $257,900 (pick 187 value). Georgia OF

Anonymous said...

Srs: R.Hartman @astros 9th rd $10k

Dustin Nguyen said...
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Anonymous said...

Your second 12th rounder on the list should be 13 and the bonus for 9th rounder Hartman should be $10,000 (way under slot).

Anonymous said...

Astros' 13th-round pick Ryne Birk, a second baseman from Texas A&M, is set to sign with the Astros today.

Anonymous said...

#1 Whitley signs for $3.148.
In addition to Whitley, the Astros also signed six more players taken in the 2016 MLB Draft: catcher Raymond Henderson-Lozano (22nd round), infielder Troy Sieber (24th), LHP Nathan Thompson (27th), OF Chaz Pal (38th), IF Tyler Wolfe (39th) and RHP Lucas Williams (40th).

Anonymous said...

Are the Astros talking with T Buffet yet?

Anonymous said...

277. HOU - Ryan Hartman, LHP, Tennessee Wesleyan College
$10,000 (Pick value: $164,900)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for maintaining the list.

Here's a tip:
Nathan Thompson (27th round) pitched on Monday, June 27th for Greeneville.

Does it seem like the Astros are signing picks slower this year? Are they reaching for tougher players to sign this year?