Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day Hot Links

The Masked Marvel has your recap of the 13-inning win over the Angels.

*The Astros are 22-29 and have won five of their last six games. They are half a game behind the Angels, seven behind the Mariners, and 7.5 behind the Rangers.

*Memorial Day record, recent memory:
2016: 22-29
2015: 29-17
2014: 20-32
2013: 15-36
2012: 22-27
2011: 20-34
2010: 17-34
2009: 18-26
2008: 29-22
2007: 21-29
2006: 26-26
2005: 18-32
2004: 27-23

*FanGraphs gives them a 16% chance to win the division, a 27.7% chance to make the playoffs. FiveThirtyEight gives them an 18% chance to make the playoffs. Baseball Prospectus gives them a 23% chance to make the playoffs.

*Carlos Correa: "Best day off ever." It was his first not-solo homer of the season.

*Mike Scioscia:
Mike Morin made one bad pitch, a hanging off-speed pitch to Correa and that was it.

Marisnick, on his first home run since September 2015:
It was an off-speed pitch, and (Tropeano) left it up. Things are definitely better for me lately. A month ago, I would've missed those pitches.

*Well I guess Carlos Gomez will be back tomorrow. Hinch:
I think he's feeling a lot better, which is the No. 1 priority. Getting production out of him is the second phase of this.

*Ryan Braun is "the hot name" in trade rumors, with him being linked to the Astros. Braun is in the first year of a 5yr/$105m extension.

*The Cheatin-Ass Cardinals won't get punished for their cheatin-ass hacking of Ground Control before the draft.
Two sources with knowledge of the commissioner's thinking said it would be "unlikely" that any punishment could be exacted before this coming draft. There isn't time, said one, and the plan has been to wait until after the sentencing.

*Michael Bourn will face the Astros today, after having played in the Braves and Blue Jays organizations already this year.

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