Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Wednesday Morning Hot Links

*Jim Crane is going to stick to the plan of making steady increases in payroll (or "frugality" as it is referenced in the link).

*This is our fifth year in camp, and when I took over we had the worst team in baseball and the worst minor league system. We had a plan and we've stuck with the plan. I'd like to tell you we're smarter than everybody else, but we haven't won anything yet.
-Jim Crane.

*The goal is real simple. The goal is to win. To win the whole thing.
-Jeff Luhnow

*Add Roger Clemens to the seating chart on the Astros' bandwagon. Keuchel likes it when Big Rog (as I call him) comes by.

*Luis Valbuena's foot hurt so bad last year the Astros asked him to go on the DL. He said no.

*Jeff Luhnow just lets Hinch do his thing.

*The Fresno Grizzlies will be playing as the Tacos ten times in 2016.

*The baseball program at Chase High School (Forest City, NC) got robbed. Tyler White got all their stuff replaced.

*Jose Altuve: voice actor.

*LOL o' the day: Colbert Hamels has filed a lawsuit against a Philadelphia promoter for stiffing him on $70,000 VIP tickets to the Victoria's Secret show.

*Yu Darvish is scheduled to rejoin the Rangers in mid- to late-May.

*How Seattle got reliever Tony Zych for $1.

*The agent for 16-year old Cuban phenom Lazarito Armenteros will not represent him anymore thanks to death threats.

*ICYMI: The Batguy posted his projections for the 2016 Astros.