Thursday, February 25, 2016

Thursday Morning Hot Links

*It rained yesterday, so the Astros did things differently (yawn).

*Fresno, in addition to playing as the Tacos, will play in 3 Amigos-inspired jerseys.

*The Chronicle says the Phillies had concerns about Vince Velasquez's medicals and not Derek Fisher's in the Ken Giles trade. Derek Fisher wasn't worried either way.

*David Paulino thought the Tigers gave up on him, and then came the Astros...

*I'm not the showcase camp kind of guy. I didn't have, like, a great arm, couldn't run fast, didn't put on a show in BP or anything. I just always put up good numbers hitting.
-Tyler White, .311/.422/.489 hitter in 1249 PAs.

*Joe Musgrove - who in 2015 struck out 99 batters and walked eight - is likely to open 2016 in Fresno, and wait for an opportunity.

*Here's NPR's Morning Edition on the political crisis in Venezuela causing MLB teams to shut down their academies.

*Hey here comes Scott Boras with some idears about the Amateur Draft.

*Red Sox owner John Henry thinks maybe the Red Sox were overly-reliant on numbers.

*Jason Heyward is buying David Ross a suite on the road all season long.

*In yesterday's links we had one about the agent for a Cuban prospect quitting due to death threats. Today Lazarito speaks...


Anonymous said...

Off topic, but I have a bold prediction to make today. AJ Reed will end up being a better hitter at the MLB level than uber prospect, Joey Gallo. You heard it here first.

Chris Cupp said...

Another Off topic question. I plan to visit spring training in the middle of march. with most of the games being at 1pm in florida, what is the workout schedule in the morning? I'm bring my kids with me and want to give them a chance to get some autographs/pictures/shake hands and stuff. will they have a chance to do that before the game starts?

The last time I visited was two years ago. we visited them on their first game but it was an evening game at the WWOS.