Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Tuesday Morning Hot Links

*Jim Crane wants to bring in another starter to fill out the rotation behind Keuchel, McCullers, McHugh, Fiers, and Feldman but notes that long-term deals "don't seem to really pay off." So I guess the trick is to just draft the next big starter, huh?

*The Astros are interested in Yovani Gallardo, but he comes attached with a qualifying offer. The Orioles and Royals are also in on Gallardo, who might choose a new team soon. Drellich noted a few days ago that Gallardo was scouted and signed by Jim Stevenson, who also scouted Dallas Keuchel, and is now with the Astros.

*USA Today's Bob Nightengale says the Astros could be in play for Mike Leake, now that the Giants have signed Johnny Cueto.

*Ken Giles said all the right things during his press conference yesterday, as did A.J. Hinch, with both noting the price tag.
They had to give up a lot to get me. That shows how much they want to take it to the next level and take that next step...I think they did a great job. I'm happy to be here and be sought out as an important piece for your organization.

Hinch isn't worried about crowning a closer in December:
I think they all buy in that they're going to have to be a collective group for us to get where we want to get. I'm no dummy. I understand we paid a lot to get Ken Giles. I understand how trade dynamics work. I understand the difference between 100-mph and 90-mph, but right now it's just nothing we need to address.

*NumberFire analyzes Giles and the trade.

*Here's Jayson Stark's excellent article on Pete Rose, who remains a complete and total idiot.