Monday, December 14, 2015

Monday Morning Hot Links

Of course most of the links this morning have to do with the reworked trade for Ken Giles that the Masked Marvel wrote about on Saturday.

*Todd Zolecki writes that there was an issue with one of the physicals that led to a four-day reworking of the trade, culminating in Mark Appel's inclusion for Jonathan Arauz. He also notes that the Phillies were familiar with the Astros system, having agreed to a trade for Cole Hamels last summer.

*Dallas Keuchel referred to Ken Giles as "icing on the cake."

*Ken Giles has figured out the political side of the bullpen - apparently - already:
I'm not really concerned about (my role) right now. Whatever role they think that fits me best, I'm going to play that role, even if it's something out of my comfort zone. I'm going to learn to adapt to it no matter what.

Awesome, because the Astros have to keep experienced, long-time Astros legend Luke Gregerson happy...

*Mark Appel had an interesting interview with DelawareOnline yesterday. Among the notable quotes:
-I think in the 2 1/2 years I've been with the Astros I learned how to take that pressure of the expectation of being the savior of the organization and kind of threw that out the window and just focus on the things I need to do.
-I'm looking forward to being in an organization that wants me for who I am, not for the expectation of what a former No. 1 overall pick is, not for any of the peripherals other than who I am as a baseball player, as a pitcher, as a person, as a teammate in the clubhouse and away from the field.

*Ken Rosenthal wonders if the Astros' moves signify a league-wide shift in how closers are viewed.

*Jeff Luhnow's new goal? Another SP or a bat.

*Lots of former Astros in BA's minor league transactions update.
-Ross Seaton was re-signed by the Tigers
-Jason Stoffel was re-signed by Baltimore
-Phil Humber was signed by San Diego

*How the Diamondbacks landed Zack Greinke in 330 minutes.