Wednesday, December 2, 2015

OF COURSE the Phillies want McCullers and Velasquez

So Jerry Crasnick - who seems to have his finger on the pulse of the Astros, as much as anyone can, anyway - has this little nugget:

And so of course they want McCullers/Velasquez. The question I have is, "is that 'and' an 'and' or is it an 'or?'"

Another question might be, "Who is Ken Giles that the Phillies would demand such a return?" He's a 6'2" 205lb 25-year old righty reliever - the Phillies' 7th Round pick in 2011. In 2014 he threw 45.2IP, allowing 25H/6ER, 64K:11BB, finishing 4th in the NL Rookie of the Year award race for his 1.18 ERA/1.34 FIP/0.79 WHIP.

Dismissing that it was an entire fluke, Giles followed that up with 70IP in 2016, allowing 59H/14ER, 87K:25BB - a 1.80 ERA/2.13 FIP/1.20 WHIP. So he has faced 464 batters in the majors, and struck out 151 of them. His 11.19 K/9 rate in 2015 was 13th among relievers with at least 50IP thrown and his 2.13 FIP was 6th.

Giles also fits the bill of the "hard-throwing reliever" the Chronicle thinks the Astros so badly want. Giles throws a 96.5mph four-seamer with an 86mph slider.

He's under team control until 2021, so you can see why the Phillies would be throwing around names like McCullers and Velasquez.

Crasnick went on to add:

That last tweet goes along with what Jon Heyman tweeted on July 31 regarding Crane and Chapman:
As late as 1:09pm on July 31 the Astros were rumored to be talking to the Reds about Chapman.


Anonymous said...

McCullers AND Velasquez?

The City of Brotherly Love can go pound sand... The cold weather has apparently warped their sense of reality.

Screw that!

Anonymous said...

We can give them Singleton, and wojo!

JoeinAlaska said...

The Red Sox didn't do us any favors when they gave up 4 prospects for Kimbrel. I don't think Giles is worth both MCCullers AND VV, maybe one or the other, but not both. I'd rather not have Chapman for a year. Especially since Cincy seems to be asking so much for him.

Anonymous said...

I am a Phillies fan and would ask for Appel and AJ Reed. We need starting pitching and a left handed power bat after Ryan Howard leaves. I am guessing the Astros would reject that trade or ask for a Phillies prospect back along with Giles.