Thursday, November 19, 2015

Thursday Morning Hot Links

*Dallas Keuchel became the first Astro to win the Cy Young award since Roger Clemens back in 2004 when he received 22 of 30 1st place votes - David Price received the other eight - from the BBWAA. Keuchel, Clemens, and Mike Scott are the only Astros pitchers to win the Cy Young.

*Clemens welcomed Keuchel to the Cy Young club

*Keuchel told his mother that he was going to win...a week before the season started.

*Collin McHugh received five votes and finished 8th.

*Here's a big something from Jeff Passan:
Three sources told Yahoo Sports that Freeman's name came up in conversations with the Houston Astros as part of a mega-trade that would've included more than five players. It went nowhere. 

...Man, it would be fun to know what those conversations were like.

*Holy crap, read about the Marlins clubhouse.

*With HOF voting time ongoing, we get to read extremely bad opinions.