Saturday, November 7, 2015

Saturday Morning Hot Links

And a good Saturday morning to you. May your college football teams all lose on dumb last-second turnovers.

*Missed this because of Overslept! yesterday morning, but by now you may already know that the Astros extended a Qualifying Offer to Colby Rasmus. So here's what happens next: Rasmus signs the offer for $15.8m and the Astros have their left fielder for 2016. Or Rasmus declines the offer, preferring a long-term contract elsewhere, and the Astros receive a compensation pick in next year's draft. Rasmus has until next Friday to decide. 

The Qualifying Offer idea is notably stupid: it limits the options players have of receiving more money from other teams, but teams hold on to draft picks like Gollum and that ring (I don't know - I've never seen the movie). That said, as Evan Drellich notes, no player has ever accepted a Qualifying Offer so the whole thing could be considered a moo point. Like a cow's opinion, it doesn't matter. It's moo. Why not extend the offer, let Rasmus decline it, and get the extra pick next June? If he accepts it, then we fans get another full season of Colbyana. 

*The Astros were named by MiLB as having the best farm system in 2015. Why? Seven affiliates made the playoffs, two Managers of the Year (Rodney Linares, Josh Bonifay), two batting champions (Jon Kemmer, Bobby Wernes), and AJMF Reed. 

*Ken Davidoff predicts that Jordan Zimmermann will sign a 5yr/$95m deal AND John Lackey will sign a 3yr/$45m deal with Houston.

*MLBTR's Top 50 Free Agent Predictor has Doug Fister going to the Astros on a 1yr/$10m deal but has the Astros at least in-to-some-degree on Yoenis Cespedes, Johnny Cueto, Jeff Samardzija, Matt Wieters, Ian Kennedy, Ben Zobrist (?), and John Lackey. 

*The Nationals didn't make a qualifying offer to pitcher Doug Fister, and Brian McTaggart notes that he could be an Astros target this winter.