Thursday, July 30, 2015

Thursday Trade Deadline Running Post

2:33pm: Padres talks are progressing with multiple teams, with Tyson Ross as a key piece

1:21pm: Wonder Boy Chris Cotillo "hears" that the Blue Jays are interested in adding Andrew Cashner

1:20pm: The Yankees are poised to strike, which sounds really threatening.

1:02pm: (Twiddles thumbs)

With Hamels and Price off the board, that leaves the San Diego pitchers as the most-linked pitchers to the Astros. The Astros stuck to their guns on Kazmir as the lone rental...

Lunchtime: The bobblehead this weekend looks like a cross between Lloyd Christmas and George Bush

11:20am: Price to Toronto is "imminent"

11:27am: This is getting redundant. Toronto and Detroit are getting close.

11:26am: Toronto may be willing to send Daniel Norris to Detroit.

11:13am: San Fran is now sad as it looks to everyone like Price is going to Toronto

11:07am: Jon Paul Morosi says the Astros would have a better chance at landing Price if they are willing to move McCullers or Velasquez.

10:57am: Rosenthal says Blue Jays may be close, talks "won't go on much longer" for Price

10:50am: Toronto "appears to be a strong favorite" for David Price

10:44am: Blue Jays are making a major push for David Price

9:54am: Jon Morosi apparently said on MLB Network that the Astros are talking about Ross or Cashner "plus" Kimbrel. Kimbrel is under team control through 2017 with a team option for 2018. Ross is under team control through 2017, Cashner through 2016.

9:31am: The Tigers are confident they can get a big haul for David Price.

8:45am: The Dodgers may acquire Alex Wood simply to enhance their proposal for Price.

8:36am: Bob Nightengale says that the Dodgers, Yankees, Blue Jays, and Astros plan to bid seriously on Price.

8:33am: Gammons reports that Crane has approved any deal to add payroll, Crane and Luhnow have talked on Price, but the Padres are more likely, and Mark Appel is available.

8:00am: Some League executives think Price is headed to the Dodgers.

7:57am: Ken Rosenthal explains what happened with Wilmer Flores last night, and a larger point about reporting the Trade Deadline.

7:53am: Because life isn't fair, the Cardinals will get $1 billion thanks to rights from a new network deal, and a minority stake.

7:17am: Houston is talking to Detroit about David Price

7:16am: Hamels told the Phillies he would not accept a trade to the Astros. His wife apparently has relatives in the burning hellscape that is the Metroplex.

1:10am: One GM thinks today is Padres GM AJ Preller Day.


Joshua Blair said...

How confident are the 'Stros that Kazmir is a rental? Would we not want to try him on a short-term deal for next season?

Matthew Naber said...

Kazmir is having a great season, he will probably be looking for 3-5 years.

Joshua Blair said...

And I think the Astros could do a three-year deal depending on his asking price, of course. I imagine if his year keeps going the way it is then he'll quickly escape the price the team is willing to pay. I'll stay foolishly optimistic that they'll figure out a way to keep him around.

Michael Carder said...

The Blue Jays gave up WAY too much for Price. Kudos Luhnow & Co. for not falling into that. Seriously. The Astros are good enough to win as currently constructed. Chemistry is an underrated factor and the chemistry of this club is amazing. I'd say let's do this with what we've got. Although, I would be hard pressed to pass on a Tyson Ross/Craig Kimbrel deal. Anyways. Love this team..

JoeinAlaska said...

If we get Tyson Ross who'll be the odd man out of the rotation? And who gets dumped from the 40 and 25 man rosters? I agree with Michael Carder, leave the chemistry alone. We can win with the kids we got.

Joshua Blair said...

I'd love to see us get somebody who can consistently hit the ball at 1B. Maybe Marwin can slide over more with Lowrie coming back today.

Scott Eiland said...

Carlos Gomez?! Is this a thing? for Phillips, Santana, and two arms? This isn't a rental!

Mike Fiers is a nice get; he's a rich man's Vogelsong who's had stretches where he's been dominant. I'm still processing, but if this is what

Anonymous said...

Gomez what a terrible deal.

JoeinAlaska said...

I hate that we gave up Phillips, Santana, Hader and Houser for Cargo and Fiers! What do we do with Marisnik now? Is Cargo really that good?