Thursday, July 30, 2015

Thursday Morning Hot Links

The Astros beat the Angels last night, again, so be sure to read the Masked Marvel's recap, because it was fun. So that means Anaheim, Seattle, and Oakland lost while Houston and Texas won last night. The Astros retake 1st place in the division, and FanGraphs now has the Astros' chances of winning the division over 50% and an 86.7% chance of making the postseason. Trade deadline is tomorrow afternoon.

*A salty Garrett Richards said after last night's loss:
I have to be better. Bottom line. I'm not going to give them any credit. I have to be better.

*Lowrie is back, and will play 3B, and Not Fausto has been DFA'd.

*Mike Trout "appears several days away" from starting.

Jeff Luhnow:
My feeling was that maybe we could be a .500 team this year, and a puncher's chance at the second wild card. And next year, we would be maybe an 85-, 86, 87-win team, and a good chance to get a wild card race. And then the year after that, win the division title. We thought that was a good plan.

Previous link: The Astros and Phillies had a deal worked out, but Cole Hamels blocked it.

Previous link: Pat Neshek turned down "similar or higher" offers from the Pirates, Blue Jays, and Dodgers in the off-season. "My agent even said, 'How the hell did you pick this place?' Nobody believed in us." And then he bought $1000 worth of stuff for Club Astros.

*Talks with the Padres are "gaining steam."

*We'll have another running trade deadline post this morning.