Thursday, June 11, 2015

Thursday Morning Link Dump

So the Astros will never win again and baseball isn't fun and everything is bad. That said, they still have a 2.0-game lead over the Rangers. FanGraphs still gives the Astros a 43.3% chance of winning the division and a 56% chance of making the postseason.

*"I think we swung the bat better than the scoreboard indicated, but that doesn't account for much."
-A.J. Hinch on Velasquez's debut

*George Springer got five hits and Velasquez was strong...but it's just another loss.

*Phil Rogers: Velasquez is the latest cog in the Astros' postseason wheel

*Will Harris made Sports On Earth's nine key under-the-radar offseason acquisitions

*Familiar names highlight Day 3 of the Astros draft, like Biggio and Clemens. We'll have more hot content regarding the draft later today.

*The Albuquerque Journal wrote an editorial congratulating Astros' 1-2 pick Alex Bregman.