Thursday, May 14, 2015

Thursday Morning Link Dump

*At 21-13, FanGraphs has the Astros at 29.4% to win the division (+2.8%) and 44.8% to make the postseason.

*Brett Oberholtzer's return lasted all of three innings as his blister re-opened, and he's back on the DL (This opened right up for me, but a subscription may be required) A.J. Hinch:
His skin had built up a little toughness, almost like a callus on his finger where the blister was before, and had no problems leading up to his last inning and then it just popped off almost like clean.

Jake Buchanan is rumored to be on his way up to replace Oberholtzer.

*Richard Justice writes about game-changer George Springer.

*Ken Rosenthal does some light swearing in wondering why the Astros haven't called up Carlos Correa.
This is, or should be, a baseball decision, a decision between Correa and the Astros' current shortstops, Marwin Gonzalez and Jonathan Villar, a decision that could influence whether Houston steals the surprisingly mediocre AL West.

*Sports on Earth's Tim Healey says the Astros should trade Mark Appel, Domingo Santana, and Vincent Velasquez or Michael Feliz for Cole Hamels.

*Hank Conger now has a first baseman's mitt, just in case.

*Preston Tucker is looking forward to getting comfortable.

*The Fresno Bee has an article on Jon Singleton's big night.

*Here's an interesting piece on post-baseball Aubrey Huff

*Luke Scott has signed a minor-league contract with the Blue Jays