Monday, May 4, 2015

Monday Morning Hot Links

Really nervous about this Rangers series, you guys... on to the links:

*Baseball Tonight asks "Are these guys for real?" which is the new "Houston, you have a problem"

*Richard Justice says the Astros themselves believe they're for real.

*Dallas Keuchel, on the 2015 Astros:
The whole tryout period is over. We're past that. We're on to the winning phase.

*Lookout Landing has 52 excellent notes about a 7-6 loss to the Astros.

*Quinton McCracken is going to Corpus for a few days.

*Evan Gattis says this is the most fun he's had on a team (remember it wasn't three weeks ago that Gattis was getting booed in Houston, so let's be grateful he has a short memory).

*George Springer discussed that outfield-assisted inning-ending double play in the 3rd inning.

*ESPN's Christina Kahrl looks at the Astros' power surge, and likes what she sees.

*Ken Rosenthal's video talks about the Astros' grooming of Carlos Correa.

From Astros County

*The Masked Marvel asks if the other four scrub AL West teams aren't just beating each other up.

*I looked at the last ten years of 18-7 teams (hint: there aren't many)