Saturday, April 11, 2015

Saturday Morning Link Dump

It is a fine day as the ground was nourished by the salty nutrition of Rangers fan tears...

*Read (Not Hank) Aaron's post on why Roy Oswalt deserves your write-in vote.

*Collin McHugh left yesterday's game after 6IP and 85 pitches with a "baby blister" on his middle finger.

*Cool graphic by the LA Times comparing the Dodgers' payroll to each of the 29 other teams. The Dodgers are paying $200m more this year than the Astros, and $17m more for their starting rotation than the Astros are spending on their own team. (Note: Not an indictment of the Astros. That's just an unbelievable amount of money.)

*Baseball America named the Hooks as its 6th-most talented minor-league team.

*After the win over the Rangers yesterday, Gil LeBreton does an autopsy of 2015.

*Former Astro Anthony Bass minimized the damage for the Rangers.

*Jarred Cosart:
Coming from a last-place team to a team that was right in the playoff hunt definitely rejuvenated me.

*Brewers manager Ron Roenicke said that you could always count on taking two of three from the Astros.


Anonymous said...

Roeneke is filling that void left by the Astros.

Anonymous said...

Jarred Cosart is a drunk, he wont last more than 3 or 4 years in the big leagues.