Friday, August 1, 2014

Friday Morning Hot Links!

News, notes, and HOT TAKES regarding yesterday's events:

Dallas Keuchel was sad about Cosart's trade:
It hurts a lot just based on the fact that he's a hometown boy. Also he had a chance to do a lot of special things here. He's only 24 years old and shows a lot of promise. I was kind of shocked by it, but it's a business.

I don't even know how I feel right now. I'm just shocked, surprised, happy, bummed I'm going to have to say bye to all those guys...It hurts, but at the same time it's a good feeling that another team wants me.

Marlins president of baseball operations:
We all recognize the cost of starting pitching, but you're talking about two, if not two close-to-Major-League-ready bats in those two players (Marisnick and Moran). We wanted to make sure we got value back.

Sports Illustrated:
Overall, Houston appears to have done exceptionally well in this trade. Moran and Marisnick aren't slam-dunk prospects, but they have high upsides, and given that the team is still deep in its rebuilding phase, the compensation pick it received only adds to the value of the club's return here. 

Keith Law (Insider-Only):
If we still consider Marisnick a prospect even though he's lost his rookie status, the Astros got two of the five best such prospects to change hands this week. Moran in particular feels like a tremendous return for Cosart, like getting an extra top-10 draft pick, which the Astros could use this year. 

Jake Marisnick might be the best defensive outfielder of Springer, Fowler, and himself. Luhnow:
We're going to have three center fielders playing in the outfield. That means not a lot of balls are going to drop and we're going to catch most everything that's hit out there. 

Luhnow, on Colin Moran:
If you would have asked me how would you like to have Appel and Moran, I would have thought there was no way to pull that off.

Moran is now the Astros' #5 prospect.

Here's an interesting article in the Visalia paper about how major league teams approach the California League.

Something happened yesterday with CSN Houston, but nobody is saying exactly what.