Thursday, June 5, 2014

PreStros Morning Report: June 4

I thought I would help El Constable out this morning, so that he can recover from the May .500 parties, and concentrate on the draft.


* 1-2 on the day, combined record of 129-108
* Oklahoma City was on the bus to Omaha.
* Corpus lost a low scoring contest
* Lancaster won a high-scoring contest, giving up a bucketload of unearned runs in the process
* Quad Cites lost a neither a high-, nor a low-scoring contest.

Oklahoma City (32-28)

The RedHawks were off today, and start a 4-game away series versus Omaha tomorrow.

Corpus Christi (29-29)

Corpus lost to Midland, 2-0, in a tight one.  Midland (31-27) scored both runs in the bottom of the fourth, and had eight overall hits.

Rubber:  David Rollins started and took the loss with a 4IP, 6H, 2R/ER, 5K night.  He gave up a two-out, two-run single to Miles Head for the only runs of the night.  He was relieved by (respectively) Richard Rodriguez (2IP, 2H, 4K), Tyson Perez (IP, 2BB), and Michael Dimock (IP, K).

Plate:  The recently-promoted Carlos Pordomo was on base thrice (2-3, BB), Tyler Heineman (2-3) and Nolan Fontana (0-2, 2BB, CS) were on base twice, and the other two hits were recorded by Jonathan Meyer (1-4) and M.P. Corkinos (1-3).  No extra-base hits.  Three walks.  But no one crossed home plate.

Man of the Match:  Carlos Pordomo!!  Can anyone stop him??  (Probably)

Lancaster (38-23)

The Lancaster team continues to morph into a minor-league juggernaut, with an 8-12 win over Inland Empire (21-40).  The JetHawks gave up five runs in the top of the sixth, but scored five in the bottom of the fourth and three in the bottom of the second.  Interestingly, Inland Empire scored 8 runs on 8 hits, and Lancaster scored 12 runs on 12 hits.  Wind blowing out??  Youbetcha - 19mph to CF.

Rubber:  Chris Devenski got the start, and was effective, throwing 5IP, giving up 4H, 3R, 1ER, 8K.  He also got the win.  Because only the Box is currently up, I cannot work out how those unearned runs scored, but siffice to say that the fifth was the only 2-run inning, so likely an error occurred there.  Certainly a weird pitching line.

Well, things get weirder.  Josh Hader relieved, and gave up an even-more-striking line: 3IP, 4H, 5R, 0ER, 2BB, 3K.  He gave up a 3 run-home run, but it was not credited as earned.  His five runs are recorded as happening in the sixth, and he would have pitched a scoreless seventh and eighth without further incident.

Juan Minaya pitched the ninth, and compared to the last two lines, was positively boring: IP, K.  But boring is good when you are trying to finish and 12-8 win.

Two errors are recorded in the box score: Anthony Kemp (fielding) and Rio Ruiz (throw).

Plate:  Recently promoted Conrad Gregor had an outstanding night, perhaps the best of his professional career.  Check this line out: 5-5, 2B, HR, 4RBI, 3R, 9 total bases.  The home run was of the 3-run variety.

Some other interesting box-score lines were recorded by also-recently-promoted (and possibly cursed) Jobduan Morales (2-3, 2BB, 2B, 2R, 2RBI), Jordan Scott (2-5, 2B, R, RBI) and Anthony Kemp (1-5, BB, 2B, 2RBI, SB).  Carlos Correa (0-2, 3BB, 2SB, CS) and Teoscar Hernandez (0-4, 2BB, 3SB) didn't record hits, but walked multiple times each.

Man of the Match: umm, let me think about this for around 0.00001 of a second - Conrad Gregor!!  Shocking, I know.

Quad Cities (30-28)

The River Bandits lost by a score of 6-3 to the Burlington Bees (29-28), who had 12 hits.  The River Bandits were much more efficient, scoring three runs on only 2 hits.

Rubber:  Jandel Gustave got the start, and pitched 5 innings of 8-hit, 5-run/earned run, 1-walk, 3-strikeout ball.  Not one of his better outings, given that he was the Astros Lo-A Pitcher of the month.  He was relieved by Patrick Christensen, who threw 3 innings, giving up 4 hits, 1 run/earned run, 2 walks and 3 strikeouts.

Plate:  Brett Philips (1-4, 2RBI) and Jake Rodriguez (1-3) got the hits.  Tanner Mathis (0-2, BB, R) and Austin Elkins (0-2, BB, R) also scored runs.  Chan Moon got a bases-loaded walk (0-3, BB, RBI).  No one else did much of anything.  Except strikeout (10 of those).

Man of the Match:  Lets go with Patrick Sharshel, home-plate ump.  He seems like a worthy recipient.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy your (draft) day.