Thursday, June 5, 2014

Astros County Roundtable: June 4

We at AC have decided to give any readers out there small a window into the inner-workings of the AC offices.  Once a week, we meet in the AC Boardroom, get Betty and Cynthia to hold all calls, and discuss pressing issues, such as how close the Astros County ownership group was to winning the bid on the Clippers, and how Rihanna's dress would look on our receptionist, Cynthia (or Betty, for that matter).  We sometimes even get to talking about the Pressing Issue of the Week.  The results of the discussion for this week are below.

The Pressing Issues of the Week (Part I and II):  In two words - 1-1 in the draft, who ya got?  And how did you celebrate the Astros first winning month in three and one-half years?


(1) Rodon's slider 

(2) The Constable and I went out last night and partied like rock stars. Or maybe like two mid-30s white guy bloggers. Either way, use your imagination.


1) We'll find out soon enough who the Astros are going to take, and I expect to see both "I told you so" and "Astros should have taken Player X instead" in abundance, as though knowing who the best major leaguer out of this bunch is a perfect science that even amateur "scouts" can nail every time.

2)As fun as it is to have a month over .500 for the first time since (checks with Jon Heyman) 1942, I don't think it's time to celebrate just yet. The team appears to have finally reached a turning point, but now it's time to keep that up with some consistency. When that happens I'll celebrate.


1) Someone Good, and we can agonise over it for like, ever.

2) This may initially strike you as sad.  Which is probably because it is very, very sad.  I celebrated by going out and buying a new pillow.  My last pillow had lasted close to 4 decades, and was (i) falling apart and (ii) disgusting, due to 30-something years of accumulated hair-oil.  My Houston Astros pillow case has something nice to cover, so the Houston Astros duvet and throw do not look so lonely.

If they go over .500 in June, I may celebrate by purchasing a new pair of jandals.  Or a garden gnome.  Party on!

Now, has anyone seen El Constable or (Not Hank)??  Still partying, you say??  Amazing what a winning month with do...