Thursday, June 5, 2014

Thursday Morning Hot Links

Alright alright alright. It's Draft Day, which means that thousands of American boys are anxiously awaiting the call to find out if they're being sent to Vietnam. We'll have full coverage of that over the next few days, but for now...

*ESPN lists the Astros' playoff odds at 4.1% - which is actually higher than the Phillies, Diamondbacks, and Rays.

*An oral history of the Cardinals' 2009 draft.

*The Economist, on the economics of baseball (as it relates to Singleton's deal).

*Richard Justice, on the Astros and three years of drafting 1-1.

*JJO on Nolan Ryan's involvement with the draft.

*Asher Wojciechowski's return from injury is on hold after a flexor muscle strain will send him back to Weiland Island for a couple of weeks, though Luhnow says it "isn't a big issue."

*Jeff Luhnow: "You need to hit on 1-1. It's critical because it's a big investment."

*Jason Castro: Union Man

*After allowing 10ER in 1.1IP last Sunday, Mark Appel won't make his next start for another week.