2014 Draft

A list of the Astros' 2014 June Draft selections (June 5-7, 2014), with status updates.

Final Update: Everything went to hell

Bonus Pool: $13,362,200
Total "Confirmed" Bonuses: $10,985,900
Total Pool Remaining: $2,379,800
Over/Under of Total Bonus Pool: -$544,500
Total Confirmed Draft Picks signed: 27

Note: The first ten rounds have slot values assigned by MLB. Going over the bonus pool by 0-5% (up to $668,110) results in a 75% tax on the overage amount. Going over by more than 5% results in the forfeiture of future draft picks.

*Indicate college seniors

Last Update: July 19, 2014

1-1: Brady Aiken ($7,992,200)
June 7: Jim Callis tweets that Aiken has apparently signed for $6.5m. 
June 7: Aiken's father says a deal will be finalized "in the next week or two"
June 9: Brian McTaggart writes that the Astros and Aiken have agreed to a $6.5m deal. 
June 23: Aiken arrived in Houston in preparation to officially sign
This deal - as we know so far - would save the Astros $1,492,200
DID NOT SIGN - Astros lose $7,992,200

1-37: Derek Fisher ($1,534,100)
July 1: Signed with Houston after playing in College World Series
July 1: Deal is for $1,534,100 - right at slot

2-42: A.J. Reed ($1,350,000)
June 9: Has agreed to terms and will be in Houston for a physical on June 10
June 10: Has signed for $1,350,000 - right at slot.

3-75: J.D. Davis ($748,600)
June 9: Verbal agreement in place
June 9: Brian McTaggart reports the Astros signed Davis to $748,600 bonus - right at slot.

4-106: Daniel Mengden ($494,800)
June 6: "It would be really cool to get to play for the hometown team and play for the Astros"
June 25: Mengden will sign for $470,000 - $24,800 below slot
June 27: Signed with Houston

5-136: Jacob Nix ($370,500)
June 6: Mike Elias says Nix is "expected to be somewhat of a difficult sign," though former Team USA teammate Brady Aiken texted him to say they'd be roommates together. 
June 9: Tyler Stafford is reporting a possible deal worth "upwards of" $1m.
June 17: Astros sign Nix for for $1.5m - This deal is $1,129,500 over slot.

6-166: Brock Dykxhoorn ($277,400)
June 7: Dykxhoorn and the Astros have agreed to a signing bonus and are working out "the education package...just minor stuff."
June 7: The Toronto Sun says the Astros and Dykxhoorn have agreed to a $250,000 bonus
This deal - as we know so far - would save the Astros $27,400

7-196: Derick Velazquez ($207,800)
June 6: Velazquez tells the Fresno Bee he's ready to go pro
June 8: Says he plans to sign this week
June 10: Has agreed to as-yet-undisclosed terms 
June 13: Baseball America says Velazquez signed for $207,800 - right at slot

8-226: Bobby Boyd ($162,800)
June 7: Houston and Boyd have agreed to as-yet-undisclosed terms
June 11: Baseball America reported that Boyd's bonus is $140,000
This deal - as we know so far - would save the Astros $22,800

9-256: Bryan Radziewski ($152,000)*
June 7: Radziewski, a college senior, is "ready to start a new chapter in my life."
June 9: Agreed to as-yet-undisclosed terms 
June 14: Baseball America is reporting Radziewski's bonus is $125,000
This deal - as we know so far - would save the Astros $27,000

10-286: Jay Gause ($142,100)
June 7: Gause and the Astros have agreed to terms
June 13: BA lists Gause's signing bonus as $65,000
This deal - as we know so far - would save the Astros $77,100

11-316: Dean Deetz
June 7: Plans to sign
June 9: Signed with Houston

12-346: Ryan Bottger
June 14: Listed on the Tri-City ValleyCats roster

13-376: Jamie Ritchie
June 11: Left his summer league team following his selection by the Astros
June 13: Signed with Houston

14-406: Nick Tanielu
June 7: Tanielu thanked the Astros for "providing...an opportunity to pursue my dream of playing professional baseball."
June 13: Signed with Houston
June 14: Signed for $200,000 - $100,000 of which will count against the bonus pool.

15-436: Connor Goedert
June 11: Told the Ottawa Herald that, "If everything goes as planned, it is a done deal. I still have the option of going to (Kansas State)."
June 18: Baseball America reporting that Goedert has signed
June 19: Goedert has signed

16-466: Ramon Laureano
June 9: This tweet says Laureano has signed
June 10: Has apparently signed

17-496: Ben Smith
June 7: Getting drafted is "a dream come true" and he is expected to report to Kissimmee to continue to rehab after Tommy John surgery.
June 8: Astros plan to sign Smith

18-526: Antonio Nunez
June 19: Signed with Houston
19-556: Ruben Castro
Signed (cap tip to WTHB)

20-586: Trent Woodward*
June 11: Is undecided
June 19: Signed with Houston

21-616: Mac Marshall
June 5: Tweeted his intentions to honor his commitment to LSU
June 7: Moved into his dorm room at LSU for summer school
June 8: Mike Elias indicated that Marshall wasn't "going to be a real easy sign" 
June 9: Attended his first class at LSU, so no, he won't be signing.

22-646: Bryan Muniz
June 18: Baseball America is reporting Muniz signed
June 19: Signed with Houston

23-676: Ryan Thompson*
June 11: Agreed to terms

24-706: Vince Wheeland*
June 11: Agreed to terms

25-736: Zach Davis*
June 11: Agreed to terms

26-766: Mott Hyde*
June 11: Has agreed to terms

27-796: Brandon McNitt*
June 8: Tweeted that he is signing on June 9
June 11: Agreed to terms

28-826: Aaron Greenwood*
Signed (cap tip to WTHB)

29-856: Richard Gonzalez
June 7: Thanked his coaching staff and teammates.
June 9: Head coach told WSFA, "He will be a great professional player."
Signed (cap tip to WTHB)

30-886: Sean McMullen*
June 9: Has apparently signed and will report to Greeneville
June 19: Signed with Houston

31-916: Dexture McCall
June 18: Baseball America is reporting McCall signed

32-946: Robert Kahana
June 7: Getting drafted "is a blessing"
Signed (cap tip to WTHB)

33-976: Edwin Medina
June 13: Signed with Houston

34-1006: Joshua James
Signed (cap tip to WTHB)

35-1036: Keegan Yuhl*
June 11: Agreed to terms

36-1066: Justin Ferrell
June 10: Twitter bio reads "Pitcher for the Houston Astros organization"

37-1096: Eric Peterson
June 18: Baseball America is reporting Peterson signed

38-1126: Michael Foster

39-1156: Brad Antchak

40-1186: Alex Hernandez*
June 9: Agreed to terms


Charles Matthews said...

Can't express how grateful I am for a single source on signing news updates.

Anonymous said...

Great source!

Looks like Fisher, Nix and Mengen are the tougher signs, hope the Astros can get it done.

Anonymous said...

Jim Callis tweets

14th-rder Nick Tanielu signs w/@Astros for $200k ($100k counts vs pool). Washington State, gifted hitter, will move to 2B as pro. @MLBDraft