Monday, May 12, 2014

Monday Lunchtime Hot Links

*Via MLBTR, we find that the Orioles and Astros had some discussions over the weekend about a deal that would involve a righty catcher going over to platoon with Steve Clevenger while Matt Wieters spends some time on the DL. Interestingly enough, the Orioles are apparently shopping former Astro Troy Patton, who is a reliever.

If any deal involves Corporan, I could see Patton coming over in a 1-for-1 trade. If the Orioles want Stassi, then it would take more than Troy Patton to get that deal done.

*Yu Darvish will not start against the Astros on Wednesday.

*John Manuel has an in-depth piece on Tyler Kolek and had nice things to say, like "a scouting director confirming he has never seen an amateur generate a higher radar-gun reading than Kolek" and "I've never seen anything like it in 20 years."

*A federal jury decided today that four Galveston police officers used excessive force during a wedding party and awarded $49,500 in damages. The jury was unable to come to a unanimous verdict on Backe's claims.

*Ben Badler has a (paywalled) look at possible $1m+ international free agents.


Anonymous said...

I realize Astros fans tend to love their prospects, but I question whether Stassi is more valuable than Corporan, especially to a team which needs a present catcher. If Stassi logs many years as a capable backup in the majors, he will likely have beat his most likely outcome.

Anonymous said...

How often to prosepcts who get traded pan out more than established major leaguers?

You can look at instances throughout history where teams who delt the major league for a prospect did come out ahead. Bagwell is the instance everyone will attest to. But I fell that more often, the prospects who are eventually delt and not kept, were done so for a reason. How did the Marlins come out in that Cabrera trade to the Tigers?

Nowadays, we're trading for people who are beyond a half season of team play. Everyone wants those who they will control for at least a year, hopefully more. Anytime you can trade an unknown quantity for a known quantity, you may take that risk.