Friday, April 18, 2014

Bo Porter was not happy with Matt Dominguez

If you saw the Royals finish off their sweep of the Astros last night, then you saw Matt Dominguez hit a single to left-center, sending Chris Carter to third base. At the time I thought, "Nice." Because the Astros were down 5-0, which is as insurmountable a lead as the Astros are going to have to overcome lately, there were no outs with runners on 1st and 3rd. AND THEN MATT DOMINGUEZ CAME LUMBERING DOWN THE BASEPATH TRYING TO STRETCH A WEAK SINGLE INTO A 135-FOOT DOUBLE. He was easily thrown out. Like, I could have thrown him out, and my shoulder is all messed up. Like, he didn't even have a chance to try to slide. Like, Omar Infante may have farted out of surprise that Dominguez was even there.

Well, Bo Porter was not at all happy.

It’s just not smart, obviously...I went and asked Matt Dominguez, ‘Do you think you’re invisible? You are down (5-0) and the ball is right in front of you.’ So, to answer your question: No, I don’t like it. There was nothing smart about it, and next question.

Matt Dominguez:

I kind of thought I could get there and then realized I should have went back to first.

UPDATE: Bo Porter stared at reporters for 18 seconds when they asked him about Dominguez's play.