Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Astros offered Springer $23m contract

According to Ken Rosenthal the Astros offered George Springer a seven-year $23m contract, which Springer obviously rejected, which would have bought out three arbitration years plus a year of free agency. Rosenthal talked to a rival agent who said that Springer could/should make up to $30m in his arbitration seasons alone.

Rosenthal closes with this nugget:
Springer was good enough to merit a $23 million offer, but he's not good enough to play in the majors.

That's a HAWT TAKE, but it's misguided. If Springer would have accepted, he would be a virtual lock to make the Opening Day roster, since his service clock would no longer matter. As it is, Rosenthal is criticizing the Astros by criticizing The System. The reason that Springer is all but going to open the season at Oklahoma City is to save one of those projected $10m seasons.

Is it notable the Astros would be willing to commit more money to a player who had only been at Triple-A for six weeks than they were to the entire team by the end of the season? Sure. Is it notable that Springer declined? Sure, but he's not stupid, and neither is his agent. What worked for the Rays and Evan Longoria (6yrs/$15m at the very beginning of his MLB career) may not be such a slam dunk at this point, because the market has changed.

I do not believe this will impact any future negotiations with Springer and his agent, but the Astros know what the starting point is the next time it comes up.


Anonymous said...

Offering a kid a joke of a contract in Sept over the entire payroll of your team then refusing to bring him up last year and again this year will without a doubt have an impact on negotiations going forward. Did you play ball at any level? The kid dreams about stepping on that field every single day as a big League player. And the cheapest organization in BB refuses to let him fulfill his dream after a lifetime of work because they want to save $? How do you think that makes him feel?

Anonymous said...

I will follow this team until I die, but goddamn is it fucking depressing right now or what? Their cocksure ways have not gotten them anywhere at this point. No tv deal, no free agent interest, no fan interest. Holy shit do something...offer them at least for a streaming service to let us suckers watch.