Monday, February 3, 2014

Sexy Words about Carlos Rodon

Baseball America posted their 2014 breakdown of the Pre-Season All-America team ($), and of course potential 2014 1-1 Carlos Rodon made up a part of that preview. Since it is a pay site, we won't be pulling much from it.

That said, it's all good. Rodon, according to BA's John Manuel, is " a player a cut above his college peers who should spend little time in the minors."

One NL Scouting Director said:
Rodon’s present physicality kind of sets him apart. He has an in-your-face power he brings to the mound, an intimidation, that’s a big part of what you’re getting.

Another AL Scouting Director said:
It is rare to see a college lefthander that physical...Is he potentially the best? Well, that would mean he’d be better than David Price, and that’s pretty good, but he probably is better than Price.

Pardon, while I mop up this drool.