Monday, February 3, 2014

Put June 10 on your calendar

Well, I mean, the physical date of June 10 should already be on your calendar, unless your calendar knows something we don't. But here's a fun tweet from Jayne at the invaluable What The Heck Bobby.

Now. The 2014 Draft is June 5-7, so it would be a pretty great opportunity to unveil Carlos Rodon the 1-1 pick at the Futures Game.

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G.A. said...

I imagine that both Correa and Appel will be on the Corpus team. Not to mention most of the stacked Lancaster team from last year. CC's lineup should look something like:

1. DDJ - CF
2. Fontana - 3b
3. Correa - SS
4. Cokinos: DH
5. Aplin - RF
6. Meredith - LF
7. Heineman - C
8. Sclafani - 2b
9. Bochering/Duffy - 1b

with the following in the mix for the rotation

1. Appel
2. A West
3. B Rodgers
4. L Cruz
5. Rollins
6. Hallock