Tuesday, February 4, 2014

PECOTA projects Astros 2014 record

Baseball Prospectus posted PECOTA's 2014 standings projection this morning. Here's how the AL West projects:

Oakland: 88-74
Anaheim: 87-75
Arlington: 85-77
Seattle: 82-80
Houston: 65-97

It's also worth noting that, once again, that would be good enough for the 1-1 pick in 2015. It also would be a 14-game improvement over 2013. There are some other fun stats within, as well. Let's look at them:

Runs Scored, 2013: 610
Runs Scored, Proj.: 661

Runs Against, 2013: 848
Runs Against, Proj.: 819

Slash Line, 2013: .240/.299/.375
Slash Line, Proj.: .245/.315/.388

So the offense is projected to be better, the defense is projected to be better, 100 losses are projected to be avoided. And another 1-1. Thoughts?