Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Wednesday Morning Link Dump

Here's your link roundup for Day 2 of the GM Meetings in Orlando:

*Of course the Astros need to upgrade their bullpen, but the process of doing so is risky. They're considering a Veras reunion, as well as letting Josh Fields hold on to the 9th inning role, and are content to let the market play itself out. Luhnow:
There seems to be a decent amount of pitching out there, both starters and relievers. We know that there's enough interesting players out there that we'd be able to at least make a run at somebody.

*While Luhnow isn't surprised by the Castro trade rumors (and admits that nobody is off-limits), Jason Castro is "penciled in my lineup for Opening Day and for a long time to come."

*Richard Justice says the Astros are confident in Luhnow's long-term plan, a plan Luhnow says "is the fastest way" to get to where the Astros are winning "multiple championships."