Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Astros interested in Ike Davis, he shrieked hysterically

ESPN New York's Adam Rubin says that the Astros, Brewers, Orioles, Rays and Rockies are all interested in Mets 1B Ike Davis.

This is the same Ike Davis who hit .205/.326/.334 in 103 games in 2013, with 101 strikeouts in 377 plate appearances. Yes, the same Ike Davis who hit 32 homers in 2012 (hitting .227/.308/.462). But just for comparison's sake:

Ike Davis, 2013: .205/.326/.334, 89 OPS+
Brett Wallace, 2013: .221/.284/.431, 96 OPS+ (285 PAs)

Now, Davis' 2013 numbers were dragged down by his awful first-half performance. Regard:

Davis' 1st Half, 2013: .165/.255/.250, 73K in 239 PAs
Davis' 2nd Half, 2013: .286/.449/.505, 28K in 138 PAs.

We'll see where this goes...