Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Amador vs. Singleton: Who Ya Got?

One of the writers from Baseball Prospectus was asked the following:

From the fall/winter leagues, it would seem that Amador is playing his way into the conversation for the opening day lineup while Singleton is not. Come April, which one makes the opening day roster, if any?

And if you click the link, you'll find the answer. Basically, Amador is going to get every chance to stick in Houston before Singleton, because:

a) Amador is 27. Singleton is 22.
b) Amador is who he is, might as well see what he's got at the Major-League level
c) Singleton struggled in 2013 after that 50-game suspension, so he could use the time Amador is given in Houston to refine his skillset.

Of course, the response is far more eloquent than that, but good points all around.

Update: OKC's radio man Alex Freeman has a post up on his blog regarding many things, but for our purposes here, let's look at his remarks on Singleton:

Everyone in the know is certain 2013 was an aberration for Singleton, and he’ll bounce back next year.


Anonymous said...

Let's not over think this....Amador is a potential stop gap solution until Singleton is ready. Singleton's 2013 was disappointing but keep in mind that he was coming off a suspension, is still just 22, and made to Double-A leap in 2011 with no issues. No reason to panic, and i think he's beginning to hit in the PRWL as well.

As far as Amador...anyone other than Brett Wallace is fine with me.

Anonymous said...

Amador in AFL - OPS of .793, 4 HR 3 doubles 1:17 walk/K ratio
Singleton in Puerto Rico - OPS of .920 2 HR, 3 doubles 10:13 walk/K ratio

Can't say that weighs heavily in Amador's favour. Seems to me they're trying to get Singleton to catch up to where he should have been if not for the suspension.

Baggs said...

I think Amador ends up going down to AA in 2014. I doubt he will ever be a contributing major league player.

Call it a hunch.

On the other hand, I see Singleton breaking out in 2014.

Anonymous said...

I said it before, Luhnow did not pay a post and sign Amador to throw him out. Amador is going to lose weight and go to spring training with the Astros. What happens from there is Amador's to decide. He hits and stays or he doesn't and goes back down to AAA.

hooksfan said...

Singleton didn't make it to Double-A in 2011. He went from the Florida State League to the California Leauge for the Hunter Pence trade. Jarred Cosart and Josh Zeid where the players of the initial three that went to Double-A. Singleton still needs some time in Triple-A before he makes the jump to the bigs. Would like to see his K rate get below 30%. One of the reasons he was sent to the AFL in 2012 was to get better pitch recognition. The 50 game suspension really set him back. Amador is an effective bridge till Singleton is ready. Amador is on a weight loss program with the Astros and from what I heard while I attend the AFL is that he had already lost 20 lbs.

Anonymous said...

Singleton looked overmatched early in the season. Towards the end he was really squaring the ball up but hit in to some tough outs. So he went from boring to exciting even more than the numbers show.

Anonymous said...

Wallace may have turned a corner. He slugged well in August and September, still struck out a lot, but looked a lot better at the plate (not that that would have been hard). A loose platoon with Amador for a half-season at the shortest seems like the best practical solution.