Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Astros payroll could be $50-60m in 2014

Jim Crane told Brian McTaggart yesterday that payroll could approach $50-60m in 2014, with the possibility of it going higher if they get the CSN Houston issue resolved.

This is interesting, seeing as how the Astros have the following commitments to players in 2014:

Wandy Rodriguez: $5.5m (yeah, still paying $5.5m of his salary to Pittsburgh)
Jose Altuve: $1.25m

Arbitration-eligible players are:
Jason Castro
Raul Valdes

Obviously there are a lot of other players from 2013 who will be making around league minimum, should the Astros decide to keep them. Baseball-Reference puts the current construction of the 2014 roster at around $20.4m, which means that the Astros could spend $30-40m this winter.


MoleBoy said...

I think it makes sense to sign some free agents now. Fill in current holes, especially where it looks like there won't be significant help from the farm for several years. Those contracts will be ending about the time players likd Singleton, Appel, Rodon, etc. will begin getting their pay increases.

A few impact free agents this year would not be a bad deal at all in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Maybe go after Mujica from the Cards? You know Luhnow loves those ex Cards

Anonymous said...

A player would have to WANT to come
here........that's the sticking point. A guy looking to catch on to a team who can be competitive won't want to come here to a team who will lose 100 games next year.
It is what it is.

Anonymous said...

My guess I'd that they stay away from any FA attached to draft pick compensation (unless cano or ellsbury want to come here). I also suspect they want to add pieces to their bullpen, rotation and outfield.

I could see Mujica at ~ 3/21 and Jesse Crain at ~1/5 to reinforce the bullpen; Nolasco at ~3/42;and maybe someone like DeJesus at 2/12. That would put them at ~ 50 million.

Guys like Matt Garza, Feldman, Malholm, Marlin Byrd, Mclouth, etc might also fit the build.

If they want someone closer to their prime, they could go after Tanaka or Abrue,but I haven't heard them attached to either of them.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't mind seeing Kazmir.

Anonymous said...

is brandon lyons available!!!! could be a steal at 3/15!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Lol. Brandon Lyons...

Anonymous said...

This is just noise-making from Crane. I imagine that he is under pressure from MLB and the union to assume a decent payroll and avoid a 4th consecutive first round pick.

There is also likely an issue with the quality of free agents that would agree to play here.

Plus, the 40-man doesn't have a whole heap of slots, and unless we plan on giving up on the likes of Wallace, Harrell, Carter, Hoes and Barnes, I can't see much space being created. And we will be active in the rule V draft, I would think.

Noise-making... Perhaps a corner outfielder and a couple of bullpen guys.

Anonymous said...

Curiously, after running those figures thru my trusty 'Astros front office B.S. filter' I get a much lower figure. They're fond of saying they'll spend their money intelligently. Which basically means they'll sign washed up guys for very little. Yes... that's how you get real bang for your cheap-ass buck.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see Kazmir on a mutual deal. I also think Roy-O is washed up and bitter with the franchise, but wouldn't mind seeing him spend his last year here. He was a cornerstone and deserves respect for what he gave us

Anonymous said...

I have alot of doubts the payroll will be anywhere close to that.

How about putting your money where your mouth is Crane and put up a bid for this Jose Abreu guy.

Anonymous said...

why when we have Singleton and Carter? Seems like a waste of money. Why don't we go after a 3B/SS who can either fill in, backup or replace if needed our current SS or 3B, at least 1 good OF, a SP like Dan Haren and then some RP. You don't want to necessarily block our actually near MLB-ready good prospects.

Anonymous said...

Does Singleton look ready to you? WTF. Use your head.

Let me walk you through it: Sign Abreu, play him at 1st. Let Carter be the DH. When Singleton is deemed ready, trade Carter.
Put Singleton on 1st and Abreu can be the DH.

Hey, that was easy!

Anonymous said...

Bc with everything you've seen from Abreu he looks ready?

Anonymous said...