Saturday, October 19, 2013

Astros in on Shin-Soo Choo?

Less than an hour ago Jon Heyman posted a column about how the Astros just might make a play for free agent outfielder Shin-Soo Choo, who is - according to sources - looking for a multi-year deal at around $125m.

It's not surprising that Heyman would write the column, since he is an FOB (Friend of Boras), but for the second time this week the Astros are connected to a player who is expected to GET PAID.

Choo will be 32 next season and has a career .288/.389/.465 slash line, and hasn't posted an OBP under .344 since 2008.

We considered Choo, but figured he might be too pricy for the Astros. Just like we thought about Jose Abreu.


Anonymous said...

Exactly the type of players they need, although I'd be nervous to give a big/long contract to some ne choo's age.

JoeinAlaska said...

He'll be to old by the time we're competitive again. Santana should be in AAA this year and in the show for 2015. No need to spend big $ on an aging FA right now and not smart to give up a draft pick.

Nick in Galveston said...

Would the draft pick be the pick the Astros got from baltimore in the Norris Trade? They wouldn't lose the 1:1, but the next one.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Choo is too old for a contract longer than 3 years. Yes, Santana could be knocking on the door soon. Yes, the Astros would have to fork over the comp pick that we (I) were excited about when we traded Norris for a 5th OFer and an above average A-ball pitcher. No, I don't have a rebuttal to any of these things. I simply thought that they were valid points and wanted to agree. We should NOT be in on Choo!

Anonymous said...

maybe im in the minority, but i dont think we need to be spending ANYWHERE NEAR 125m for a 32-year-old choo.

we have help on the way coming for the outfield, and our offense really wasnt THAT bad this year. would rather see $$$ spent elsewhere.