Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Winter Ball Update: October 21

Arizona Fall League

Peoria defeated Salt River, 5-3.

*Delino DeShields: 3x4, 2 2B (.300/.405/.468)
*Nolan Fontana: 1x4 (.167/.310/.250)
*Japhet Amador: 1x4, HR, 2RBI (.286/.276/.536)

(Astros in the Dominican and Venezuelan leagues didn't play)


Anonymous said...

Is Amador's stat line backwards? I can't recall seeing someone with a BA that is lower than OBP. If that's the case, what the hell is THAT guy doing wrong!?

Astros County said...

I wondered the same thing. It can happen in instances where there are sac flies in a small number of ABs.