Monday, September 30, 2013

Monday Night Link Dump

Here are your relevant Astros links for this fine Monday night with no Astros games to fret over:

Jim Crane said the Astros are ready to boost payroll:
We don't know yet, but I think very strongly that with the [Minor League] system rebuilt and a lot of good prospects that will continually come in waves, that we'll start working on the spots we need. We need some power, we need some back-end pitching, and we've got a few holes. We'll look at what's available and we'll spend the money wisely.

Crane also said "there's a possibility" that the Astros and CSN Houston could part ways:
We've got to cut a deal that works for the team, so this was a long-term deal. Comcast was in charge in executing the plan, and the plan hasn't evolved. We've tried to cooperate with them and work with everybody involved, but the other affiliates haven't bought in.

CSN Houston president/general manager Matt Hutchings resigned to become the COO of Kroenke Sports and Entertainment in Denver

The move from Kissimmee to Palm Beach Gardens for Spring Training is apparently 95% complete with a target date of 2016. The Astros are also moving forward on a 2,000-acre piece of land north of The Woodlands, also with a 2016 or 2017 start date.

Former Iowa Hawkeye Bo Porter will be the honorary captain at Saturday's Iowa/Michigan State game.


Lyle said...

Why are the Astros moving forward on a property in the Woodlands when Reid Ryan says he doesn't think having a team in the Woodlands is a good idea? Nolan Ryan apparently doesn't like the Frisco franchise competing against the Rangers.

I think an AAA team in the Woodlands would be good for the players since the borderline guys could set their families up in the Houston area, but it would be better to have an AAA team in maybe San Antonio or New Orleans.

Anonymous said...

Crane's statements about a long-term deal baffle me. Of course he wants a good deal, but doesn't CSN want one also? Then, he always talks about everyone else's deal without acknowledging that their product is much more attractive. Does he not understand that 0 Neilsen rating? He seems delusional.

Clement said...
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Anonymous said...

I like how Crane said that payroll would be increased. The only way to decrease payroll would be to have only 12 players, all pre-arb on the 25 man roster.